Benny Odumu Laud's Rivers State Based Bloggers For Their Tremendous Performance Last Year Via His Facebook Timeline

Rivers State Based Awarding Winning Celebrity Graphics Designer, Benny Odumu took to his Facebook Timeline to commend the effort of Rivers Based Bloggers for positively projecting Our city and State to the world without sentiments.

Benny who has always fought against persons who feel the Bloggers haven’t been supportive enough to Young Talent, Told Young Endy in a chat that He can not blame any blogger for any lapses in the entertainment industry, “Stay Relevant and the Bloggers will keep you in the News” he stated.
Below is his Facebook Timeline Post;

i wish you many NEW THINGS this NEW year, l must confess that without professionals like you, our state and city will be nowhere. After seeing and feeling the impact you have made in just a short period of time, i have no option than to speak out and say thank you for the kind of good light you are showing to the people and state, including how you strategically project our industry globally.

If i don’t say thank you then i am not part of the industry, so i am taking out this time to say may God increase you all in extraordinary wisdom and give you divine strategy, deep things will be revealed to you this new year, most of you are totally outstanding and from my observation I’m seeing some of you doing extraordinary before the new year i must plead with you to keep the push no matter the distraction and challenges because definitely there will always be challenges, as you scale through those challenges it takes you to a better scale and stand in your profession.

My simple advice to you as one who respect and appreciate you all is please, “Don’t operate under the fear or mercy of anybody” just be you and nothing but you. Take this from me “The best way to know your strength is to study your mind” then stay and believe in your strategy. I am really impressed with what you all are doing globally.

in my own take, i value you all as internationally recognized professionals. 2018 will surely pay you all, BELIEVE

My name is Benny Odumu
aka Celebrity Graphic Designer


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