Audio: Timi Kei – James & Galatians

Gospel rapper Timi Kei, Starts 2018 with the release of an awesome tune “James & Galatians”.
Is there any reason not to love Timi Kei? The Port Harcourt based, rapper who has been favorite from day one, on the strength of his charismatic personality and a knack for writing hypnotic verses and hooks that crawled inside our heads and never left, is here again with another one, “James & Galatians”.
Timi Kei’s prolific output, collaborations outside of his peer group, and eccentric personality are strong signs that he’s got staying power and is capable of vaulting from a seemingly newcomer to mainstream mainstay.
He’s also been in the studio with iLLgod and previewed their collaboration album “Soul Soup” already sounds like one of his catchiest and most technically impressive compilations to date. Timi Kei called iLLGod his favorite producer in and said he plans to drop a mixtape entirely built out of instrumentals which should provide further ground for him to showcase his versatility.
While some rappers who came up through similar avenues have made a point of bucking the genre’s traditions and norms in service of carving out their own identities, Timi Kei seems to be striving for something even more challenging: He’s finding a way to maintain his core identity and fan base while expanding his circle to include more mainstream collaborators.
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