New School VS Old School_ Ibim Isaacs goes on a verbal confrontation with Veteran Musician Lexy Mueka on social media

 From a post I made on Facebook last night asking; “Don’t you think that too many free service messed up our entertainment industry?”, Veteran  Musician Lexy M was verbally attacked by Young Actor Ibim Isaacs after he wrote that;

The type of free services that got 2 of PH finest rappers to clean and arrange chairs in an event they were also meant to perform inn? It will even get worst because I see most upcoming rushing to get to the top by messing up the standards they don’t even have. Entertainment business not taken seriously is worst that a shithole.

In Response to what Lexy M Posted, Ibim Isaac had this to say; 

Omo me I Sabi talk Sha but make I respect myself for this matter. Look when I hear people talk, I first try to see who is talking then I ask myself what is he saying. You go see Oga wey get chairmen wey go fit raise am fund, he even gets paid for the birthday, wedding and burial performance wey him and the band dey go yet good video we no see, good pictures we no see oya pay for media hype E no go gree, yet people sey portharcourt no dey try for entertainment. If our senior set of pH artist and their likes improved we no for dey hiatus today. Abeggi make we no come Facebook dey form Saint, some of us the monitor some people like monitoring spirit. Young Endy you are doing a good job but look for people with an intending mind to actually excel

And Lexy M Continued with this;

Ibim Isaacs The reason why there seem to be a great lacuna between this generation of artists and that generation of artists is because of this senseless level of attempt to want to attempt to insult persons who might live and die with all u guys need to grow the industry we don’t have yet in PH. U guys spend all your times beefing instead of consulting to know where they actually left it so u can pick it up. U waste all your times hating and waiting to challenge instead of wanting to know where it all went wrong to amend and repair it. If this submission wasn’t done by this focused blogger I wouldn’t have said a word because I see most of u as never wanting to know version of the problems swallowing the business part of the show. This is the reason most elderly colleagues don’t want to get involved anymore. A lot of them are doing great. They have carved a notch for themselves are they are just cool the way they are. I AM ONE OF SUCH. Think.

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