Port Harcourt Entertainment Village C.E.O Madam Phina, Takes Us Back Memory Lane

C.E.O of Port Harcourt Entertainment Village, Mama Phina Owobu-Akhimien has taken us down her memory lane through her throw back pictures from her University days at University Of Port Harcourt (Uniport). 
In a Facebook post, Mama Phina shared a little story of her school days, describing life then as “Not Been Funny”. She also went on to encourage friends, fans and family on the need to stay strong and focused irrespective of the challenges they face in Life. 
Below is her post on Facebook;
“Gratitude upon gratitude LORD GOD Almighty 
Am always lost for words each time I come before HIS HOLY Presence
Looking  @ these pictures reminds me of a lot of stuff , drama, disappointments, laughter, love , innocence, youthfulness and above all. These pictures reminds me of the mighty power of God.
All the pictures were taking @ Uniport many years ago. When I was a student
Gaining admission wasn’t easy for me at all. I did Basic for 3 good times. Yes 3 times, so my dear never you think you are alone in that problem, at a point I almost gave up. I kept repeating Basic not because I was a dull student but because I allowed a relation of mine rule my life. Any course I try to study I would be told it’s not a good course. 
I remember even entering year 1 as a French student and when I went home after my first semester holiday my life was so frustrated that I had to start all over again. I was asked what will I do with French when I graduate? Finally in 1996 I gained admission to study Economics, my Anutie wasn’t satisfied but this time I didn’t care anymore, infact I was planning my marriage at this point, by the time I was a proper student my husband was just doing his NYSC, my mates were almost graduating, a year or so into school I was already having children.
It was tough, very very tough. My mates were having fun, going to parties and exchanging love letters while me , I was already going to anti-natal and changing diapers, I was always pregnant almost during every exams lol ,  it wasn’t funny at all. I only enjoyed it because of the support from my husband and my love for kids, my Dad had always told me he knew I will marry early in life. I could do anything just to be with a new born baby in the village then. Yes I be village pikin oo, anyway my point this morning is to encourage you this morning not to be discouraged in life. Never envy people, when others are achieving something don’t be jealous your own time will come, God always have plans for us. No matter how others try to confuse you,  believe in yourself always, wrong and right people will always be in your life. It’s your power to choose, life is never easy but only you can make your part easy. Life is a drama so play your part well and be your main character.

Also, these pictures reminds me how lucky I am as a human being, it has also shown me that I haven’t change a bit after many years , I nor even add fresh sef, everything is still just the same after giving birth to 5 beautiful adults. ( meanwhile I don’t post my family pictures anymore o, my children said I must stop it so they can have their private lives )
But God I really appreciate you with everything in me. 

Always remember that we all have our time. Wait for yours. No one is better than you. Because someone achieve something doesn’t mean he/she is better than you. We are all unique in our different ways. There’s something we all have that the next person don’t have, God is unique and made the world a mystery , be satisfied with who you are and what you have. Your mates can start something before you doesn’t mean they will end the race before you
May God bless us all.
Hope you read this in a positive way”


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