"Poverty is a Morale Destroyer. Empower the Ogoni Youth Today"_ Lexy M Cry Out

Following recent social media posts from veteran musician Lexy M with the hashtag #StopTheLieNow, which is aimed at restoring peace into Ogoni Land by means of sensitising Ogoni youths on the need to get empowered and drop their arms, Sir. Lexy has described poverty as a moral destroyer in a latest Facebook post.

Below is one of his numerous post, as he is calling on every Ogoni born to add their voice to the fight against violence through social media by using the #StopTheLiesNow;

EMPOWERMENT IS KEY: I am Lexy M, a born Ogoni celebrity, musician, producer, peace advocate & a social activist. I am been privileged to entertain other tribes in Rivers State because of my kind, style & choice of music. I have been to the Kalabari, Bonny Ikwerre people’s functions and I saw the type of cars parked outside the premises of such an event due to how their political leaders empower the youths in those areas for future purposes. I have also attended & performed at functions of some Ogoni political leaders & I saw the amount of okadas, kekenapep, Scrappy looking taxis & Toyota Camry 1999 models that came to drop off and it’s parked outside the premises of such events.
Poorverty is a morale destroyer. Empower the Ogoni youth today as much as u can so he’ll be able to resist unnecessary temptations responsible for a lot of the crisis and disunity in Ogoni land. #StopTheLiesNow


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