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Humanity, since Adam has been faced with a lot of threats. From the moment man ceased to live in the Garden of Eden to the days of the great flood during Noah’s time to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and many more, man has had no peace.

Let’s get to the modern arena a bit–the Holocaust, World War 1, Fukushima Daiichi(Fukushima Radiation Leak). The outbreak of deadly diseases such as HIV/AIDS and most recently Ebola,we can also talk about 9/11–The Rise of Terrorism, Global warming. Every generation has been faced with threats and we still live with some of them.

Technology keeps improving and tries to make the world a safe haven. This has seen the invention of smartphones which has led to the development of applications mostly social media and has actually made this current generation a mess-aged one.

 Sincerely, social media was fun till Jesus Christ joined. Social media was more enjoyable before Jesus Christ was finally introduced. Whoever introduced Jesus to social media has done humanity a great disservice. Jesus had become a threat to many and we seem to downplayed the fact that;He has become a threat. He has changed certain things in the Bible and I have every cause to believe that, my Christ is raising gospel terrorists. You may be wondering what I’m talking about, you surely have received this “Pass to 10 people and be blessed message”. That’s not even a more  threat to me but let me proceed ahead.

There has been somewhere He has threatened to kill our relatives if we fail to send his broadcast messages to some required number of people(It doesn’t add up, it lacks merit). This recent behavior of our Lord Jesus Christ questions if indeed He is the same God of time in memorial–The one who died on the cross to redeem human from sins. If He is then why the chain messages with threats he sends daily which keeps me wondering if He is now an angel of death.

Definitely, Jesus will never do that. He is a harmless God, He loves his children and ready to steadfast us on daily basis. The chain of messages we receive each day and moment on social media are works of evil minded people. Blasphemous souls who portray themselves as Christ through messages. With the aim of seeing their messages trend or go viral, they add such needless lines.

How? I mean how on Earth can or will Jesus and Satan waste time arguing on who is more loved and going on your gamble for shares on a post. SERIOUSLY!!!

Nothing annoys more than those who share and expect a miracle within days. That’s what a pocket of the pocket, mind and soul will cause. The quest for instant miracles is what will make someone share such a message.

Brethren, young soldier in Christ, miracle seeker, God does not work that way. Having time for him alone can cause a miracle to happen in your life. Before you share those messages, look at the context and compare to the Bible you read–Check if such message is Biblical. Even if it sounds biblical and contains “Pass this to 10 people and expect a miracle) or something related at the end, don’t share. It is evil and form of Cyber bullying. That’s how the devil plays with the weak soul.

Don’t fall victim to that–you deserve something better. Jesus Christ will never ask you to share messages to some required numbers of people a conversation He has had with the devil before he blesses you.

He would never ask you to “like his picture” or type “Amen” under a post for His blessing. He has given us His word and expect us to evangelist or preach with no threat attached. So next time you think  of forwarding such message to someone, ask yourself “WILL JESUS CHRIST BE HAPPY I AM PROMOTING BLASPHEMY?”

Allow some of us to enjoy our social media, God is a gracious Lord and merciful, He doesn’t deal in such act with His precious children. Read your Bible, believe in Him and Pray.

The writer Justice Dzido is a Freelance Journalist. His email address is The above article is his personal opinion, sentiments and doesn’t reflect the opinion of his organization FOTM.God bless and make Ghana a better one.


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