“Smoking Kills”_Port Harcourt Graphics Designer Sends Strong Message To Smokers Through His Art

The picture below would have been the regular social media picture I see everyday, but sorry to say that creativity redefined the picture, making it a Message for a master in arts.

Below is a picture of a young lady smoking, but the message is strong enough to change the mindset of a smoker.

Art is not just created because you want to beautify the world, every artwork passes a very unique message, it’s a huge medium for artists to speak out, it is a form of speech , while creating this art I had to think for several minutes

It’s not just about beauty but communication, some campaigns can be carried peacefully and carefully without any blood shed, you can communicate to the world for change through an artistic piece

This is just a simple illustration showing that smoking causes a great damage to the health it might also get you killed, when the lungs can no longer take the pain anymore

This piece was created by #adgmultimedia

Photography by : Image definition photography


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