“My take on Music and The Music Industry has always been clear" _ Olumati Isaiah

All music CANNOT be GOSPEL, as MUSIC in itself is a TOOL for VARIED EXPRESSIONS. We must agree with this and people are not anyless righteous because they make Secular music or more righteous because they make Gospel music.
This is not free thinking, this is just common sense and truth.
There must be Birthday songs, Wedding songs, Love songs, motivational, inspirational songs, comedy songs and even sexual songs. All of these find themselves in the class of what is refered to as secular and all of these have a place in our humanity Christans and non christians alike.
Everyone must know what and where he is called to, serve there and shine the light.
As believers, what we frown again is vulgarity and profanity in the music.
Again, there is Nothing as a Gospel Music Industry or Gospel Entertainment industry. We just have the music industry and the entertainment industry. In this single industry, we find products created for religious purposes and those for secular purposes.
Could there be a Muslim music industry?
If there is, we must then divide the music industry by as many religions as they are as there are people creating products for these industries. If we do not agree to this, we must revisit of convictions again.
The products created does not create a new industry. They are only created from and within an existing industry.
Attempting to divide the industry does not add any value or take away from the product made. It does not make God any less God. We must be comfortable in this and learn to work in industries without religious prejudice.
Let us fruits do the talking not our tags.


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