Port Harcourt Entertainment Mama Phina Owobu-Akhimien Visits Linda Ikejis Media Along Side Her iHouse Crew

From My little bedroom office here in Port Harcourt, I came across this lovely pictures and videos of Port Harcourt Entertainment Village C.E.O Phina Owobu-Akhimien and her iHouse Crew touring Lagos City with camera’s rolling.
Wondering what could have taken them that far from home, I can tell you for a fact that it goes beyond Promotion as recent photos from our own Port Harcourt Mama at Linda Ikejis Media Complex seems to be giving hope to her young crew members, I suspect they have never been to Lagos (Lasgidi) before.
Is this a new Dawn for our young Talents? Many will want to ask, but a good morning chat with mama Phina Owobu-Akhimien  says it all;

I selected PH iHouse youths that have never been to Lagos in their life, about 13 of them to expirence Lagos entertainment life. These young stars have extreme talents but location is just d wahala. It was a crazy ideal but today am over joyed. You need to interview them because they’ve been crying since.

She further explained that the Linda Ikejis Media visit was part of their media tour, and if you are wondering when they are coming back to base;

Don’t know when exactly we will be back. We were suppose to return today, but I don’t see us coming soon because we haven’t even seen half of the people who wants to see us. Like we have 3 events only today and they keep introducing us to people every minute. We are already booked till weekend. She said

From Young Endy “Port Harcourt Most Controversial Blogger, I wish you luck. #PhToTheWorld 


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