Read what Benjiszzy Záakìi Omale had to say about “Gospel Artist Not Sharing Circular Songs”

There have a been massive debate on why “Gospel Artists Don’t Share Circular Songs”, I wish not to say anything for now, but below is what Benjizszzy had to say on the issue;

About the  whole “GOSPEL ARTISTS NOT SHARING CIRCULAR SONGS” saga, this is what I have to say;

Music the way I percieve it is a powerful tool and medium to convey a “message”. It could be about love, hope, peace, sex education, general life issues, etc; laced on any kind of instrumental accompaniment. And to me, any song that can NOT educate, inspire, motivate, edify and give some form of positive vibe is not worth sharing, be it gospel or secular.

It’s all hypocrisy trying to show fake love or gain acceptance from our peers or counterparts (so to say) by sharing “substandard” and “unhealthy music” void of the core values that a song should bear, this is actually the height of hypocrisy.

I’m very particular and intentional about impactful songs with clean and classy lyrical content, void of any form of “nyama nyama”. I’ve never been sentimental about songs, if the vibe is good, and lyrical content is on point, I’ll download and surely share, it doesn’t cost me a thing.
The both (secular & gospel) do good and amazing music, but their “messages” most times don’t align. We all know its contradictory and pure hypocrisy to share, support, and advocate for what is against personal/societal views, beliefs, norms and values.

Me for example, I like Olamide, but his latest Project “science student” was a NO, NO for me even NBC thinks so too. On that song, He was promoting the abuse of drugs which is not in conformity to what I believe in/advocate for. I can’t share that song or any similar one from any other artiste all in the name of wanting to show love and support. No.
This has nothing to do with it being a gospel or secular song, NO. The fact remains that the society abhors it. Let’s be sincere to ourselves here and call a spade a spade. N/B (I didn’t mean to call anyone out, I just try to make a logical example, please forgive me).
We shouldn’t be biased on this “SHARING ISSUE” because it is a two way thing. Both in the gospel and secular sphere, we rarely support one another. It is a cankerwom that has eaten us so deep, so deep that we NEVER support others but will be the first to cry out when others don’t support us. Shame!
The earlier we address this issue, and learn to love and tolerate ourselves, the better it will be for all us. All hands should be on deck so together we can co-habit and build a sustainable and productive industry.
I am your brother Benjiszzy Záakìi Omale
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