Read What Bobby Rak Said About Tekno Rejecting Brianna Kalango For His Video Shoot Because Of Her Dark Skin

Minutes After I made a blog post with the headline “You are not God, so you can’t judge the complexion of my dark skin_ Super Model Brianna Kalango warn Tekno” Port Harcourt Based Renowned Cinimatographer, Bobby Rak has this to say;

It’s Not easy for dark skinned models especially regarding videos because cameras favour light skinned people. However, if a director is dazzled by a dark skinned model, he will go out of his way to spend extra to light properly and shoot with a dark skinned model. This challenge will actually put dark ones on the edge and bring out the best in them.

He went on to encourage Brianna, saying that:

There are some people who are MADE for some projects. Once you meet them, it clicks and you do everything possible to bring that vision to life. So I think she shouldn’t let the dark skin issue bother her. It just says she is designed for great things… Mark my words…


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