Is MediaWorks Boss Isaac Utere against Lexy M or It's A Reverse Case? Question That Needs An Answer

A call I received from Former P-Man Chiarman Lexy M in the early hours of yesterday at 7.37am to be specific, got me thinking for a while, “Young Endy, how are you” he questioned, stating that he wishes to deliver a message through me to Mr. Isaac Utere, c.e.o of MediaWorks haven noticed that I have a good relationship with him.
“I will plead that you advice MediaWorks to desist from mention my name during gatherings, because I will no longer tolerate the fact that he paints me black in the midst of young creatives who may not know me in person” Lexy M said.
After much explanations on why the message should get to MediaWorks, I promised to meet Mr. Isaac Utere later that day after he said “I will be forced to come public and tell the world how I knew MediaWorks, if he does not desist from spoiling my name.”
Later that morning, I called and met with MediaWorks in his Number 7 Cooperate office at Rumumasi. On getting there I met him with Mr. Jude Anyanwo of eDOVEMedia together with a beautiful lady I will tell about the next time I visit MediaWorks. I had to table the message before us all so those present in the office will be my witness. 
“I don’t think it is wrong if Lexy M’s name is mentioned during discussions pertaining Entertainment or the music industry in general, He is a one time P-Man chairman, and I will always mention his name among past and present chiarman when ever am on a table where music/Entertainment is been discussed.” MediaWorks responded after I had deliverd the message.
As to if they’ve had issues before this time is one thing I can’t say for sure, but judging from the message and response I got back, I sense something no one is ready to talk about.
However I conveyed the response from MediaWorks back to Lexy M who sounded unpleased with the
response, stating that he has voice recording of MediaWorks speaking bad about him in a gathering, and will not hesitate in publishing it if he does not stop saying negative things about him.
“I will have to tell the world how I met MediaWorks if he continues spoiling my name” Lexy declared.
My questions now is simple, what’s their beef? Who is against who? Who will come out plain? #YoungEndy
A Facebook post from Mr. Isaac Utere last night, warning other Entertainers to desist from mentioning Lexy M’s name during discussions with him, so he won’t comment on, still got me thinking, who is hiding what?
However I tagged Lexy to Mr. Isaacs post on Facebook, and he is yet to say something. I promise that as the power vested on me as the most controversial Blogger based in Port Harcourt, I will gist you more as the drama unfolds.


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