“ Investors Shy Away From Port Harcourt Entertainment Due To Attitude Problems” _ No Limit Entertainment Boss Kingsley Anu Speaks

A good morning message from the boss of No-Limit Entertainment Kingsley Anu reveals some problems faced in the Port Harcourt Entertainment Industry and possible solutions, one which is attitude problems gives him major concern.

Our Port Harcourt Entertainment Personalities, especially Music arts are too full of them selves even when they have nothing to showcase to the world”. 

He said, stating that is one problem that keeps fighting the growth of our industry and until we kill that attitude, the industry will find difficulty in growing.

“A lot of investors are afraid to invest due to attitude issues from most artiste but I strongly believe we have the good once” he further said.

He went on to mention That another problem is showcasing our contents to the world.

I have come to realize why we need to promote our local content from this end of the country,….honestly our port Harcourt content is generally accepted all over the world.

On this note, No Limit Entertainment is set to publish Top 5 Music Videos in Port Harcourt Via their no limit To Channel, and this will run continues for a certain long time. 
Artist are hereby adviced to submit their videos at the No Limit Entertainment office.


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