#SoGood: Tammy T triggers Benny Odumu Into Faking His Religious Believe As He Testify The Goodness Of God

I have always wondered how my brother and friend, our Celebrity graphics designer Benny Odumu can be, is he even a Christian I have asked myself countless times without possible answers.
A Facebook post by Gospel Songstress Tammy T however answered few of my questions even though I believe he is trying to fake his religious believe.
From Tammy T, she posted; 

Brethren Praise the Lord!!!With a clap let’s welcome our Elder @Benny Odumu to share his testimony of how God has been #SoGood to him 

And in response, Benny Odumu had this to say;

#SoGood: He is the all knowing God his goodness and Grace has carried me althrough the journey full of diverse challenges, places i didn’t plan to be, His Goodness made it possible, even as bad as i am he remains #SoGood to me, everything i have lost are being reclaimed by His Goodness, each time i am down i remember God is Good and he is #SoGood that He never fails, my testimonies has nothing to do with money, but mostly the gift of life, and the Grace that a Good God has given to us, we live our lives without sick that shows that God is #SoGood i am working hard and smart but only God announces me! The kind of personal project i am running and its challenges are not easy but with God, I must confess it has been #SoGood sometimes as human when i am weak and I’m in fears when i think of his goodness, it give me clear insights of the next good thing and i always get results exactly as His thought for me which is of good and not of evil, indeed i must confess that God is #SoGood to #BennyOdumu

Is Benny Odumu truly a Christian or he is faking it? #YoungEndy


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