“PAID CLIENT vs PRAISE CLIENT”_ Benny Odumu Pen's Open Letter To Graphic Designers

Even though he is still angry over a publication I made, below is an open letter from our very own Celebrity Graphics Designer addressed to his fellow Graphics Designers.

Dear Graphic Designers, take this or leave it, I have heard and known so many graphic designers with high tech skills and beautiful designs but yet are stocked and broke like us! I have heard people criticizing my job saying if Benny Odumu designs 20 designs i will pick one out of the 20, then i smiled because you might be wrong if your are into Design Business. 

In Design Business if i design one design they will pick it 20times, why, because I have out grown the level of people begging me to do a free or cheap job all in the name that they want to show case my job to others, Lol, oh please Graphic Design is not meat pie to be put in a showcase! It’s a business. 

Yes we are very good at doing nice design for who? Those who pay us or those who praise us! Now know this the paid client need to be briefed on how you want to communicate their design so they follow the concept you are developing so they don’t misquote you, tell them the story and the purpose of your concept, they will choose you time and time again. 

If you are trying to design for the sake of over doing any fellow designer, then i will say you are destined to be broke, I huge you to design and upgrade for paid client not praise client, Praise client are good at what they are for which is to shower praises on you, while paid client will pay you knowing they will need you doing bigger and better jobs tommorow, why not have a rethink and focus your energy more on the paid client. 

Showcasing a brand or skills if the master creator has not permit it, is equal to nothing if mere human want to, I have said it before ART is OPEN even the best of it can still be work on, and no design is the best! Because it’s mere human who accepts it from there own emotions and perspective, what is appealing to you might not be appealing to another, with this understand, maybe if you are an upcoming design you can do free and want to be showcased good, but if you are good then you should be making it good too. 

Sometimes i asked myself these persons are good designers like me but why are people paying me more than them, So I am keeping that as a class for those who really want to know. 



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