“Change your narratives by proving you are #NotTooYoungToRule" _ Benny Odumu Advice Nigerian Youths As He Endorse Hon. Davematics As Governor

Celebrity graphics designer Benny Odumu has taken to his Facebook timeline to advice Nigerian youths on the need to summon courage in going into active politics, making us leaders of today, not tomorrow.

Below is what he posted;

Take note of this incase your mind is not going towards that direction “Every great thing is 90% if not 100% done by YOUTHS, remember when Nigeria was better, it was this same leaders in their early age that made it so, at their youthful age. i really don’t know where and when did we allow them to come back after making it better to make it brutal.
Currently they have nothing to offer us, and they are confidently sitting on our future while we sit back and do nothing, even to the point of calling us “LAZY” and their timeless drama in the matters of our future as Nigerian Leaders of tomorrow, i am tempted to agree to that fact that we are “LAZY” since we are not truly and mentality prepared to take over, which we have the capacity but chose to either sell it to people without value, and we are busy wasting our time working for them to keep bastardizing our future, they also understand the power we have but keep sitting plans for us not to get there by picking must of our youth and using them against us, history has always been changed by the power of the youth, i urge you to do your research you will find out that great things has always been done by “YOUTHS” i think it is high time we change the narratives by proving we are #NotTooYoungToRule “Allowing the ancient to contradict with the modern will always and only end in an empty beauty” Many of these leaders are not in our generation it’s not possible for them to think innovation like us. Good people and YOUTH of NASARAWA STATE here is an opportunity for you all to change the story for good, if you are not “LAZY” then stand as a YOUTH with Hon. Davematics David E Ombugadu let the youth #OccupyShendamRoad2019 i bet you will be glad you did, forget the distraction from the enemies of our future and for once do the right thing to enjoy the FUTURE you Desire! i rest my case and stand for #NotTooYoungToRun


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