“Any man or woman who applauds the act of nudity is of the devil” _ Miss Capella Speaks Against Nudity

After hosting her first ever Miss Capella Show here in Port Harcourt, fast rising media/entertainment personality Ogechi Obiora also know as Miss Capella has called out women on the need to stop the public display of their bodies especially on social media.
Capella in a Facebook post stated that “Nudity isn’t sexy if it’s a show in public it’s rather demeaning”. Read her full post below;

The moment you expose your body in public the world perceives you differently
In MARRIAGE  nakedness is beautiful and thrilling… Outside marriage it is a vivid form of divine judgement Isaiah 47:3 readread 

And if you’re unmarried  A man asks you to show him your body, snap nude selfies,  by definition he is unworthy of your trust and affection 

the Bible also advices  don’t give to be seen by others …don’t try to show off your body be “MODEST” because that’s God’s will (Jeremiah 9:23 read) 

Any man/woman who applauds the act of nudity is of the devil.. I mean it’s absurd and appalling.. sometimes I wonder what goes through your mind before taking such decisions 路 what happens to value, pride, dignity?? 

Nudity isn’t sexy if it’s a show in public it’s rather demeaning
You can actually be sexy in that hot dazzling maternity gown✌️ 

I know some people will say that’s what my husband wants… Pls and plss tell him NO… that your body is the temple of God and as such it’s sacred and Royal.. common” Kings and queens don’t go around naked 

The last time I checked only “slaves” walk around in chains Naked 路
This so called TREND has to stop. I don’t know how decent it is for a pregnant woman, or for a pre-wedding shot, even a breastfeeding mother shows nudity under the umbrella of body goals or what ever 路路 

I’ve said this times without number not every thing that trends is actually trending choose what to copy … 


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