Port Harcourt Based Pop Star Elmee Ubani Pen's Open Letter To Mr President On Democracy Day

Read the Open Letter Port Harcourt Based Fast Rising Pop Star Wrote to Mr President (Federal Republic Of Nigerian)


Dear Mr President (federal republic of Nigeria)

Sir, what comes to mind when you hear Youths? You do have children who are Youths right? how would you feel if they had no jobs? How would you feel if they were school drop out? How would you feel if they turned drug addicts, prostitute, arm robbers, kidnappers or even online fraudsters(419ners) as a result of the frustrating economy of the country? What do you think your Friends, business partners, oppositions will call your children if they exhibit the aforementioned characters as Nigerian youths Sir?  They will probably call them “USELESS” right?  Yet that is what we are being called everyday as Nigerian youths. Let’s talk about our educational system. The Nigerian educational system is really frustrating, getting into the university through JAMB is a herculean task and yet when we finally get into the system, the lecturers don’t make it any easier. Most times 4 years courses become 6 years or more period courses as a result of ASUU strike and the likes. And when we finally graduate from this scheme we are faced with NYSC. The purpose of the NYSC scheme is understandable of course but Mr President, has NYSC achieved this purpose? How has NYSC scheme helped the cultural diversity in this country because as far as I am concerned it has brought nothing but more divisons and deaths of young Nigerians ‘SERVING’ their country.
Mr President sir, let’s go back to the days of your youth. Was Nigeria this bad and frustrating when you were a youth? Think about it…  If the answer is ‘NO’ then there lies the big problem. Are things not supposed to get better while we grow? So why are things getting worse? Consider this question sir. As youths we constantly hear ‘youths are the leaders of tomorrow’ however, that catch phrase has gone into extinction because the youths are totally being neglected and accused of being lazy and useless. What exactly have you done to make the Nigerian youths better? What job opportunities are out there for a Nigerian youth?  In a country like Nigeria ‘The Giant of Africa’ as they say, our minimum wage is a measely 18thousand naira and the government feels like they have achieved alot with this?  The truth is we have all the resources and more we need in Nigeria to make it a more conducive place but our leaders cart away these resources on a daily basis. The money is controlled by a priviledged few who send their children to school and receive medical treatments abroad with our funds… How long will this go on?
What corruption exactly are you fighting if things keep getting worse everyday like this? How have you impacted the life of the YOUTH as a Nigerian President? I once came across an article where a present South-East Governor said it is better to be an ARMED ROBBER than to be a MARIJUANA smoker. Really?A supposed Nigerian leader said this and he wasn’t called to order yet you are looking for the people spoiling our country? Well, there you go, that is one of the people bringing down this country by encouraging youths to commit more crimes. Mr President sir, if you say you love the youth and you believe we are the leaders of tomorrow, then please invest in us. Enough said, all I urge you to do as a father, the number one person in Nigeria and as a leader is to take special interest in the YOUTH, and device policies and strategies that will place our Nigerian youths in better positions because we represent you.

Elmee Ubani


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