Social Media Gangs & Families_ The New Face For Teenage Prostitution Among Youths.

From my little corner, I have followed recent activities of young teens (Youths) on social media for the past 3 months. Ranging from young secondary school graduates to university Girls and boys, the activities of my fellow youths on social media is nothing to write home about.

From the manner at which to post their nude pics on social media, to their frequent sex talks and linkups, I am forced to ask who are their friends on Facebook? Are there parents and biological family members even aware of their activities on Facebook? These are questions from a Blogger.

They call it gangs while most of them will say its a family far from home all in the name of entertainment and networking, but I call it a redefined platform for teenage Prostitution.

They spend most time on social media (Facebook) connecting with friends they don’t know, with frequent parties they organize at coded locations, they meet to indulge in all forms of ungodly acts. 

If you have noticed in recent times, chatting with strangers doesn’t appear strange to you anymore because these young teens are ready to meet you anytime for a fee. I call this act, the new age Prostitution. To Be Continued……….

I will tell you about my experience with a few female friends I have met online the next time I write about this. Meanwhile, feel free to share your social media experience with me. #YoungEndysBlog


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