Mother Impregnated By Her 15-Yr-old Son, Shares PHOTOS On Facebook

A pregnant woman shared a picture on Facebook and the caption explains how she fell in love with her 15 year old son who got her pregnant.

Read what this woman wrote on her facebook page.

“For those who don’t know, me and my 15 year old son had a baby last year together. I had S3@Xx:’ with him when he was 14 years old. The baby came out fine. Just to let you know, I also have three (3) daughters who are thirteen (13), fourteen (14), and sixteen (16).

“My son is a great dad and also a great boyfriend to me.

“This all started when I realized that I started to get feelings for him I decided to have a one and one talk with him. I told him “mommy loves you more than what it means to just be a mommy to you”. I also told him that “mommy likes you just like how a girl from school likes you.

“I explained everything to him and got him to understand and he felt the same way as I did as he began to ask questions. He asked “so does that mean that we can kiss and hold hands like boyfriend and girlfriend?” I told him yes and even S3@Xx:


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