“Life In The Village Is Not Free, How Come Things Are Free In The City” _ Reason Why Benny Odumu Might Go Back To His Village Soon

Before Benny Odumu made this post that torched my heart, I have always talked against free jobs in the city of Port Harcourt. As creative minded persons, we need finance to boost our art, expand our reach and make good living from what we term as creativity.

Sad enough, I am a full blooded Port Harcourt boy, so I have no village. If no be so I for follow my Brother Benny Odumu relocate to village. 
“Sometimes we need to change to better locations other than sit in our comfort zones and gain nothing” Benny Odumu told me in a chat, clearing the air that he is going global from today. 

Below is Benny Odumu Facebook post that’s gaining so much attention.


Oya! Pay even if na half of the money for the JOB Port Harcourt will have a reason not to, they will say stuffs like you don’t even Sabi like this other person sef! Some will say why putting money first? You too get PRIDE, Oya na you people haff succeeded I’m going back to the village, where are those i worked free for years, where are those who said they will Connect me, some will even say join this movement it will benefit you and your generation and once you do they reduced your value knowingly or unknowingly.

Many graphics designers are working free for you please don’t allow them anymore if not they won’t grow, always give them the least.

Even the life in the village is not FREE how come the City is……..
I’m Benny Odumu #Print #Brand #Design #Character #Speaker”


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