Entertainers In Port Harcourt Have No Regard For City Based Online Media Practitioners Like Myself _ Young Endy Writes

Even though Simon Mainwaring said “social media is not about the exploitation of technology but service to community” I also believe in that school of thought that says “Where man dey work, Na Their Him Dey From Chop”. This is to say that every service we render either online or offline must be paid for #NoServiceIsFree.

As an online media practitioner, I spend most time online scouting for information to feature on my blog, from Entertainment to political news contents, I invest so much time and money into building my personality and brand both online and offline.

No matter how limited our reach may be as online influencers based in an Entertainment & Political city, I believe we deserve some Accolades from the city we operate from, most especially from Port Harcourt based Entertainers.

Having worked with lots of Entertainers both within and outside Port Harcourt, it saddens my heart to know that thesame Entertainers we render our services towards the projection of their their creative works, have not budget allocated to us for the service we render.

This Picture clearly defines the challenges we face as Media Practioners, only for us to go home with wounds from thesame  people we are helping build brands.

As a Blogger, I spend money in growing my blog/audience reach. The cost of owning a domain name might not be too expensive, but have you considered the cost of owning a Magazine Template? How about the cost we pay for professional web design services, not to talk of that amount of Data we buy daily. Without been told, you can confirm that staying online cost of more that most Entertainers offer us for services we render.

How would you feel if after 5years of publishing your hit single, event, etc, you can not find a single link on any blog to show as prove that that was truly your project? Staying in the blogging business cost us annual charges in addition to that fact that we must expand our reach.

Sorry if this article appear lengthy, but it has to for you to understand that If tomorrow I move into full time politicking, it is because Entertainment was not lucrative for me as an online media practitioner.

I Plead that you Help Us grow our platforms today rather than invest into already made New Media Platforms outside our city. Our charges I believe are moderate compared to the fees you will pay to Media Practitioners outside Port Harcourt. #MrControversial


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