“I never realized how strong I was until I came face to face with my own weakness”_ Kessy Driz

Days after Port Harcourt based Songstress Kessy Driz made that disturbing Facebook post about her attempting suicide, below is her resent post on Facebook;


I never realized how strong i was until i came face to face with my own weakness. Death was the only option buh that voice kept saying “hang in there still I’ve got plans 4 u”  this is just but a test. So here i am today, not looking like what i went through 😊. Here’s me smiling through my pains and refusing to be stigmatized, here’s me hoping for a better tomorrow 🙏thank u lord for everything still😔.

Thanks to everyone of you that stood by me through calls and messages, those of you that visited my house etc, i never knew i was really loved by thousands of people both those who doesn’t know me personally i appreciate you all.

Also, to those who thought it was a stunt i wish u well too and i pray u never experience what i experienced cos u may not be strong enough to hang in.

And to my dear friends who wished it was true  so they can inherit some of my things well 😂, i don’t need to die for you to get things from me 🤷🏻‍♀️ please list whatever u want from me if i have it I’ll give … all is vanity afteral😊

Cheers to every strong woman out there👍 this post is dedicated to you…  Dm if you’ll like to have the “made in ph Tshirt

Mua 💄@monique_beautydiari
🎥 @nnezeowo #shutters👌

Stay alive
Stay blessed
Stay fulfilled

One love fam ❤️❤️l


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