Visual Images That Promote Sexuality Amidst Positivity Speaks No Good Of Our Customs And Tradition- Change Your Narrative _ Young Endy Writes

I would have out off the regular ignored this images of Mc Real Tha Realest taken during a supposed video shoot as Directed by renowned cinematographer Jude WebNora Anyanwu, but sorry I have long waited to write about an issue that’s borderd my over the years.

Irrespective of the fact that we live in the 21st century where entertainment and visual presentation have taken the adult look, obscenity remains a crime and must not be encouraged on our media platforms in any way.

Even though I have come to accept the fact that today’s kids grow too fast, is it also right that we as adults should display sexuality to their faces, forgeting the parental guidance policy?

Mc Real is a Young Port Harcourt based Rapper I loved from that first day we met somewhere in this city, his rap style and freestyle videos speaks good of his personality, But recent screenshots I have seen from his yet to be realised video, is gradually changing my perception about his personality.

Before I continue, I will ask that you take time to read what the federal law say about obscenity:

According to federal law, it is illegal to
air obscene broadcast at any time of the day, and to air indecent programs or to use profane languages at certaintimes of the day. Television and radio stations may have their licenses to broadcast revoked if they break this law. Other penalties include a fine or simply a warning.

Obscene material is defined as that which the average person would feel appeals to prurient interests, that it describes sexual actions in an obviously offensive manner, and that it has no serious literary, artistic, political orscientific value.Indecent materials have contents that are patently offensive that is not quite atthe level of obscenity. The courts have decided that indecent material is protected by the First Amendment so it cannot be prevented from broadcastentirely.

However, they can be restricted to times when children would see orhear them between 6:00am and 10:00pm.The law protecting audience of mass communication from obscene andindecent publication has been enacted in many countries and Nigeria is not anexemption. In Nigeria the Section 233D of Criminal Code of Nigeria prohibits publication of obscene matter S.233D (1) reads:

“Subject to the provision of this chapter, any person who, whether for gain or not, distribute or projects any article deemed to beobscene for the purpose of this chapter, commits an offence punishable on conviction by a fine not exceeding four hundredthousand naira or by imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years or by both.”

The universal ethics guiding the practice of journalists also have this provisionas one of its paramount concerns. It expects journalists and media practitioners to exhibit a certain degree of morality while doing their work. Itwould be seen as unethical if the provision is violated.

Even though I am yet to confirm if this law affect social media, but I know for sure that Most social media platforms do not encourage such visual contents. How then can an artist make wave if he or she keeps promoting sexuality in his or her songs.

Sorry if this will annoy you, but my post is not to degrade any artist, but to ask that we project real value as Africans (Nigerians). #YoungEndysBlog #PhToTheWorld


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