All You Must Know About Face Of Naesim / Naesim Wards As Mr. Femi Kamorou (Femi K) Unveil Sub–Brands.

Organizers lf The NAESIM Awards within the week held a press briefing at Landmark Hotels, Here in Port Harcourt. The Brief which exposed details from the brand to media personalities present ended successfully  with a question and answer questions amongst other activities.

Below is a detailed information on what you should know about the brand:

Face of Naesim is a standard beauty pageant organization that will be located in Port Harcourt– Rivers State here in Nigeria and will cater to all our different clients both domestic and corporate. We are not only limited to organizing beauty pageants as we will be offering other services such as training and consultancy services as well.

We intend to start a business that will be able to compete with other leading brands in the industry. Our vision is to ensure that we run an organization that churns out transparent beauty competitions according to set standards. We also intend to become a renowned beauty pageant company in three years time not only here in Port Harcourt but also in Nigeria.

We are willing to go the extra mile as a company to ensure that we invest in getting the best professionals to help build our business/ Organization. Our management team for instance are those that comes with high industry experience and expertise and know how best to ensure that our business attains its desired goals and objectives.

We are going to run a business that is not only transparent but one that is set up according to standard international practices. We have also secured the necessary licenses and permits necessary for us to run successfully.

We are set to redefine the way beauty pageants are run as we have put in place plans to ensure that our staff/ team members undergo trainings continuously and at regular intervals in order to ensure that they are able to handle all those that will participate in our pageants.

We place a high value on our contestants and investors and as such we are willing to ensure that we not only meet but exceed their expectations as well, from those participating in the pageants to those that will intend to partner with us in running these pageants.

We will ensure that our employees get the best pay and welfare packages that they deserve and better than what their counterparts are getting in similar start-ups such as ours. This will serve to motivate our employees to remaining committed to our brand and ensuring that we achieve our goals and objectives.

Also, our chief executive officer, Mr. Femi Kamoru AKA (Femi – K)  and our National director Miss Faithful Kennedy Adele are renowned entrepreneurs, comedian and Ex beauty queen they’ve  been in the industry for a while and therefore has the experience necessary to ensure that we are able to attain all our goals and objectives.

Our Services

Face of Naesim intends to organize beauty pageants as our core service to all our intending clients.

We however intend to create multiple sources in line with our core business offering, by offering more services that will generate more revenue for our business. Our intention is to make as much profit as we can, and as is permissible by the laws of the Nigeria.

Some of the services that we intend offering are;

Organizing of beauty pageants
Organizing of award shows
Organizing catwalks
Consultancy and advisory services

Our Vision Statement 

Our vision is to ensure that we run an organization that churns out transparent beauty competitions according to set standards. We also intend to become a renowned beauty pageant company in three years time not only here in Port Harcourt but also in the Nigeria. 

Our Mission Statement 

In order for us to achieve our vision, we intend to ensure that we choose an appropriate location that is strategic and also build the best business structure that will ensure that we attain our corporate goals and objectives. We also intend to massively engage in publicity strategies so as to create awareness for our beauty pageant business. 

Our Business Structure 

Building the best business structure for our business is very important because we intend to run a standard beauty pageant competition business here in Rivers State, Nigeria and that is why we have laid down structures and processes and are willing to go all out in ensuring that we employ the best hands that are competent and hardworking to help grow our business to the standard we require. 

We have a vision of the beauty pageantry business we intend to build, which is why we are willing to pay for the best management team available in this industry and who have the right expertise and experience to help us attain the vision we have for our organization. The management teams we are using are those that have identified with our corporate goals and objectives and are therefore willing to remain committed in ensuring that they and the lower end staff work hand-in-hand to achieve it. 

Due to the various services that we intend offering here in our beauty pageantry organization, we will expect to employ more than the conventional amount of employees necessary to handle all the responsibilities that will crop up with the tasks that will be made available at Face of naesim

Therefore the business structure that we intend to build at Face of naesim is;
Chief Executive Officer
Administrative Manager
Human Resources Manager
Pageant Director
Logistics Manager
Customer Executives Officer
Marketing Executives

Roles and Responsibilities 

In view of this, we were able to take a look at our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and used this to determine what we were likely to face when starting and running this business here in Port Harcourt – Rivers State and also all over Nigeria. 


Our strengths lies in the fact that we would be offering several services which makes us more likely to attract more clients to patronize our services. We have structures and processes in place to ensure that we run a transparent organization and our staff have the experience and expertise to ensure that we run a practice that is up to international best practices. Also, our Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Femi Kamoru is an entrepreneur that has the necessary experience that will ensure that we are able to attain all our goals and objectives. 


We are relatively a new business that will be battling other beauty pageantry organizations here in Nigeria with limited finances, a relatively unknown name and few staff members as when compared to our established competitors. 


There are several opportunities that are open to us in this industry because while we can organize pageantries, we also can organize other shows that have to deal with events related to this industry, which means more revenue generating avenues for us. 


Every business faces threats every now and then but it is what they do with these threats that determine how the business will likely survive. Therefore the threats that we are likely to face as a business are the arrival of a competitor in the same location offering the same services, and a downturn of the economy. 


Market Trends 

Beauty pageants have long existed where young female contestants come together to contest for prizes. There are several factors that are used to determine who the winner of the pageant becomes as it is usually not just about beauty. Participants who contest in beauty pageants usually have to go for an audition first to determine if they will eventually make it to the final contest.
Over the years, Port Harcourt has grown to be the city that has seen a lot of pageants as more beauty and even other pageants take place every year. However, even though beauty pageants have other factors that contribute to a winner being picked, most beauty pageants require contestants to retain a certain body size and height to even qualify. 

Our Target Market 

Beauty pageants have become quite popular, which means there are a whole range of available customers willing to patronize any standard beauty pageant. However, while the participants for a beauty pageant are always targeted at young adults – females and males, the target market cannot be restricted to just these groups of people. 

In view of this, we have decided to conduct a market research that will ensure that we are fully able to identify our target market and know what they would be expecting from us and what we should expect from them as well. From our research, it is apparent that we are in the beauty pageant business to cater to the following groups of people; 

Young adults – males and females
Corporate executives
Event agencies
And every other person affected by this industry 

Our Competitive Advantage 

Our intention of starting Face of Naesim is to build a beauty pageant organization like no other. We will build a beauty pageant business that is not only one of international standard but also one that thrives on transparency. 

We intend for our business to not only be recognized nationally but internationally as well. With these in mind, we have come up with several competitive strategies that will help us compete favorably against our competitors in the industry. 

We intend to create beauty pageants that will thrive on transparency, thereby boosting the growth and our brand image. We will ensure that our clients and participants all understand how the organization is being run, therefore enabling them to be able to participate and identify with our core values. 

The management team we intend to hire to handle various managerial positions in our organization all come highly experienced, having worked at various beauty pageants organizations and therefore have the capability of ensuring that we are able to achieve our goals and objectives. 

Our management team also understands our core objectives and have aligned with them and are committed and dedicated to ensuring that our organization comes up from being nothing to being a national and even international force. 

Because we will be dealing with two levels of clients – participants and advertisers – we will do all we can to ensure that we not only meet their expectations but exceed it as well by hosting beauty pageants better than what similar organizations like us have been doing. 

Finally, we will ensure that all our employees are well taken care of. We intend to ensure that what our employees earn as well as their welfare packages are among the best within similar start-ups not only here in Port Harcourt but all over Nigeria as well. 

We understand how their welfare packages will go a long way in ensuring that they are committed to helping us attain our goals and objectives. 

Media Partners / Investors will get: 

Brand Visibility:Online, Audio and other Publicity collaterals 

Rights to Event Venue Branding 

Table Tickets and participate in the event as an awarder etc 

Winners of the Pageant will get: 

An official car
An opportunity to represent Nigeria in an International Pageant outside Nigeria
Movie/ Tv gigs
Run major red – carpets and runways in Nigeria
Recipient of the prestigious Naesim honorary awards
Endorsement / Brand Ambassadorship deals
Cash Prices etc

Registeration Procedures 

Pay entry fee of 5,000 to fidelity Bank (Naesim awards – 6060373042)
Send your name / screenshot payment teller to : 07019215081 on (Whatsapp) 

Login to: and fill the entry form. 

For intending sponsors and investors Our team will be glad to hold a meeting with your organization to share in details our goals, plans and strategies on what you can do to improve your brand visibility via this project. We have a massive frame work of media coverage and synergy that will prove to be profitable in return. 

Thanking you all for your patience and your favorable consideration to work with us in achieving this great vision of ours.
Godbless you all.


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