The World Is Growing But Africa Remains The same _ Bill Gates Said

American business mogul, investor, author, philanthropist, humanitarian and one time richest man on earth, William Henry Gates has declared matters over the declining state of Africa.

According to the billionaire, it is outrageously surprising how other continents in the world are progressively growing to leave the African continent behind.

The founder of Microsoft incorporation and his wife made this world study in the 2019 edition of the annual report on their philanthropic work mostly in Africa.

Speaking at the event, Bill Gates stated that 2018 left us with many surprises, both good and bad, but the one that tops the list is the fact that Africa is not growing along with the world.

In the report, the couple said Africa’s median age at 18 years is the lowest in the world, making the continent the youngest.

Hammering on the undermining growth, Bill charged the statistics on the high population growth in the poorest parts of sub-Saharan Africa.

He went on to further stress that the young population could be of great value to the continent if they could get good healthcare and quality education.

Bill Gates has the highest amount of ($100 billion) given to charity among the greatest philanthropists in the world.


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