“If You Can't Pay For My Service, Don't Bother Calling Me” _ Gift Azunwena Issues Final Warning To Port Harcourt Event Owners

The C. E. O of Ichewealth Entertainment Via His facebook timeline this morning, issued a final warning to Port Harcourt based events owners stating that he is done with doing favours.

The Talent manager who sounded very angry during a telephone chat with Young Endy, said it’s really annoying that our event owners don’t keep to their part of the deal towards making their events work.

“Once They Achieve Success In Their Events, They’ll Avoid Your Calls Until When They Need Another Favour From You The Next Year, Enough Is Enough” He Said

Below Is His post on Facebook:

Am done doing favours for Event Owners in Port Harcourt. If you can’t pay for my Services don’t bother Calling Me. I am IcheWealth


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