We Are Building The Biggest Digital Marketing Agency From The City Of Port Harcourt- Henshaw Jacobson

Henshaw Jacobson is a digital marketing professional, online business consultant and the founder of QliqMedia, a digital marketing agency operating from Port Harcourt Nigeria.

QliqMedia helps businesses and individuals gain visibility, grow influence and make sales using creative marketing strategies and digital tools like social media, blogs, websites and more.
Before we launched QliqMedia, I was working as a marketing manager.
And I have worked with three different companies in leadership positions in sales and marketing for five years.
I was working Mon – Fri and going to school Sat & Sun (Part-time program).
I got into online marketing after I tried Facebook ad in 2014 and gotten results.
Before I knew it people who heard about my results started coming for me to do the same for them. And that was when I started learning more. I bought online courses, subscribed to coaching programs, joined digital marketing communities on Google plus and more. Today, I have established a brand as a digital marketing expert.  
I learned sales and marketing while working for those companies as I was responsible for getting the companies’ products to wholesalers in markets like Mile 1, selling in bulk to big super markets  and managing a sales team.
And I have sold to 85% of supermarkets in Port Harcourt including Well Done Supermarket, Everyday, Welcome U, Elma, Timeless, Champion, Market Square before i resigned to focus on QliqMedia full time .
This is why I’m the guy you should speak with first when you want to use online strategies to drive sales- gain visibility, grow influence and make profit.
I understand sales and marketing and I have the experience ( five years in sales and marketing no b beans). 
Today, I’m only grateful to God.
This year so far, I have been featured on six radio stations, one TV station, and eights blogs/website.
My personal and cooperate brand is growing.
With 48k followers on Instagram and a Facebook group of 41k members as at the time of writing this post.
Also, we have helped over 30 businesses established their online presence and increase sales using online marketing strategies, trained 7 cooperate brands and over 200 individuals on digital marketing skills.
How can brands work with me personally?
Help individuals monetize their expertise and grow the personal brand.
I train individuals and cooperate brands on digital marketing skill.
With 48k followers on Instagram and a Facebook group of 41k members as at the time of writing this post. I partner with brands  as for visibility, brand awareness and drive sales.
For QliqMedia, are services including:
1-    Web Design
2-    Social Media management
3-    Content Development
4-    Article Writing
5-    Facebook Ad
6-    Google Adword
7-    Youtube Ad
8-    Online Publicity
9-    Digital Asset Management
10- Digital Marketing Training
We are open to businesses and individuals who want to get the best results from their online marketing efforts.
 You can reach on WhatsApp- +234 08070950313
Instagram, Facebook & Twitter @henshawjacobson


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