How Come Their Friends Have Every Information No One Has ¿¿ _ Is This Suicide Or Murder ?? _ Young Endy Write

I Will Not Point Fingers At Anyone, But I Will Ask That Proper investigation be carried out in other to ascertain the courses of recent suicide cases among our Nigerian Youths.

Funny Enough most persons have blamed it on innocent “Depression” whose identity remains unknown to us all.

From My Little Research, Depression is a mood disorder characterized by persistently low mood and a feeling of sadness and loss of interest. It is a persistent problem, not a passing one, lasting on average 6 to 8 months.

Depression is a treatable mental illness. There are three components to the management of depression:

1_ Support, ranging from discussing practical solutions and contributing stresses, to educating family members.

2_ Psychotherapy, also known as talking therapies, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

3_ Drug treatment, specifically antidepressants.

This is to say that not everyone is supposed to die of depression, since it can be controlled and has an end when treated properly.

Irrespective Of Our Different Social Status, We All Feel Depressed At Some point, feelings that nature negative thoughts 💭, Living us to our own faith in God Not Man.

How Come Our Young Nigerian Youths Are giving up on this struggle against “Depression”? For me, I feel there is a real story behind the scenes to the movies that no one is telling us.

How come friends to the victims of “depression” (use of sniper) are always quick to tell us the stories behind their friends death, with evidence showing that the victims once shared their plies with them?

How come this friends after knowing that your friend is going through a situation that needs urgent attention, refuses to speak out until death is recorded?

Like I stated above, I am not pointing fingers, but requesting that proper investigation be carried out.

One Problem with us as Africans, is the fact that we are more concerned on what killed an individual rather than focus on how that killer (Sniper) killed that individual.

Note: These are my thoughts and Not my Findings, So Share With Whoever Cares To Read Through. Thanks.


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