Before we all clamp down on the bloggers, artists, artists managers and their in-house PR team have the responsibility too of putting words out — Olumati Isaiah

Just Few Minutes After I Published A news Article Tagged “Port Harcourt Entertainers Celebrate Dan Dizzy After He Became The First Artiste To Get Verified On Instagram From PH-City”, Below Is What Isaiah Olumati Said via his Facebook Timeline:

“These bloggers again!!!

Having grand standing on opinion as a blogger is literacy and insanity of a flavored variety. I now hear that a blogger is simply defined an an OPINIONATED individual who puts up articles in the blog sphere.

Personally, I like what some bloggers are doing in Port Harcout, though there are a few outrightly silly ones. However, I think we must have our facts on ground.

Regardless of how the rules are bent when it comes to blogging and reporting the news today, the public has the right to facts and proper information. This is why I disagree with someone who stated that bloggers are simply just OPINIONATED people. While this will pass the test for an argument, it does not pass the test for best articulation and reporting.

I am are glad that Dan Dizzy has been verified on Instagram. He has earned it with hard work. A noble achievement I must say but for a blog to state that Dizzy is the first artist from Port Harcourt to be varified, that is a no no. With information like this, we are distorting the future in the present. We cannot continue to repeat the failure of the past. In the past we say there were no documentation. Today, documentation is filled with errors, ill researched publications and assumptions. We will not accept this.

Mercy Chinwo was varified a few weeks back, she is Port Harcourt breed. Infact a more noble feat as she actually is the first Rivers born Gospel entertainer to be verified on the micro bloggin space Instagram.

Timi Dakolo is verified, and so is Timaya and the list goes on and on.

Duncan Mighty is verified.

Ric Hassani too is verified on Instagram.

Even if you wanted to put out a debate based on location, all the nanes mentioned including Dan Dizzy has relocated to the metropolitant city of Lagos before they gained verification on the blog space. This brings up back to the same point.

This is what i think, on subjects like this, we must follow through first with research before hitting the big caption or use safe words like ‘we think’, ‘Chances are’, ‘He most likely could be’.

Beyond the traffic having the right information is critical to building the industry we all pray for.

Before we all clamp down on the bloggers, artists, artists managers and their in-house PR team have the responsibility too of putting words out. We live in different times now, these things may mean nothing to yiu but they mean the wirld to fans and the industry.

God bless every one, keep blazzing Lekwe Dandizzy Obataqo !!



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