Fighting Cyber crime will reduce if we start curbing and harnessing the negative energy and converting it to positive energy — Port Harcourt Based ICT Specialist Pens Open Letter To EFCC

Scouting through the internet for news, I came across this lovely open letter write by Stanley Eledon, A Port Harcourt Based ICT Specialist.

It’s A must Read:

“OPEN LETTER TO Economic and Financial Crimes Commission
By Stanley Eledom

Do i support Cyber Crime? NO

Buh you will agree with me that it takes a certain level of intelligent to sit at a particular end in a country and defraud someone u don’t know, u have never meet before, living in another country Millions of Dollars, and most times the victims are the so called white people who claims to be blessed with a very High IQ and Education too. Am not trying to praise or encourage cyber crime, don’t Misunderstand this letter, Try and see and understand this from a YOUTH’S perspective.

Seeing the shocking and alarming Number of our youths involved in cyber crime today will make you understand the growing energy from the youths of Nigeria in The Entertainment Sector, Sports Sector, ICT sector, etc…… and today most foreign Companies like Microsoft, Facebook Engineering, Andela, etc have identified with this  energy, Mark Zuckerberg came all the way from US to Nigeria just to visit an ICT HUB created by a Nigerian Youth, Most of these foreign companies now are busy creating ICT Hubs around various parts of Nigeria so they can Train, harness and use these energy to build and better the economy of their country.
We are busy Locking up these Intelligent Breads in jail.

THE LAW is the law, and duping someone is a punishable offense and anyone found guilty of this should face the consequences, Yes i agree to this…….
After the Arrest and interview of most of this youths, from a scale of 1 – 10, Do u thinks most of these boys are terrible, BAD or wicked being?.. Fighting Cyber crime will reduce if we start curbing and harnessing the negative energy and converting it to positive energy. Only if our government were able to identify this energy on time., we won’t be where we are today.

am an entrepreneur, am into ICT, i won’t speak about how frustrating and helpless running a business in This country is….this post is not about me…. buh i want You to consider most of these challenges that is pushing our youths into cyber crime and apply this solution.

EFCC should use the money recovered from these youths to set UP one of the BIGGEST ICT HUB IN AFRICA, if u are arrested, part of serving your Jail sentence will be working in the creative hub, Professionals should be invited from outside the countries to teach and motivate the serving students.

I have worked on and Documented great idea that is workable, this idea can help curb cyber crime and transform the energy of our Youths for the betterment of Nigerian and African  Economy. if  You contact Me, i will gladly give them out for FREE so your team can expand and develop, implement them…. I believe you will see a different result.



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