You Can't Be Talented And Frustrated _ KOBaba Tell Fellow Entertainers

Talkaholic Boss and Host of Gospel Gang Party KoBaba via his facebook timeline this morning adviced fellow entertainers on the need to attach business to their creative skills in other to make good living from their talents as Entertainers.

Below is his Post 👇


Doing showbusiness and having nothing to show for it. Yaaa, look around we even have colleagues that can barely feed or clothe themselves. There is also a large number of creatives that cant afford money to rent a 1 room apartment, but they are talented and entertaining people everyday, yet nothing to show for it. They are talented but frustrated, no one placed them in that condition, they unconsciously did it to themselves.

Performing in shows without a business approach is not show business. Our people don’t seem ready, we just like to perform free and we have abuse passion by going extreme and free always. Shamefully we charge our colleagues during their concerts, but we jump on stage for politicians without asking for a dime, doing that because we expect to be carried along, yet you get nothing but you keep doing it. We are blindfolded by our mediocre thinking and hardship. Last year, I disappointed a politician that wanted me to anchor his wedding, then we will see after the wedding. I was not taking their calls that saturday. He has to earn that privilege because am a businessman, I have 3 people in this town I can do for, at least they will give me quarter of a million as appreciation. They will attend my events, but my tables and they keep connecting me to their friends.

Please, change your fortune by being daring and determined. I started my career thinking as an entrepreneurial entretainer; a comedian who is willing to take risk, put resources together invest in showbiz and make money. I took high interest loans and ran at ask lost. Ask Victor Ekpo, Pst Chido, Jaco Musicals and Nwachi Jezree Emmanuel how many I was scrambling to borrow another money to pay outstanding debts. You don’t have to take loan, it charge and ask for money. Do free and freewill for your colleagues, but get paid by every other person.

It’s not bad to organize free concerts, but when you do them and frustrate yourself with debts, just know you are racing against the law of show business. You been in an industry and city for years, yet you cant host a paid concert. Just know that you are either lazy, afraid of the unknown, weak or senseless. You should have fans, convert their likability and loyalty to money. If you have not been doing this, well sorry for yaaaself. It may not be easy, but it’s achievable. Attend my class on Saturday let me teach and show you how.

Get paid, ask for money, maybe get a side job to escape the hunger that makes you throw your talents around for free. You can’t be talented and frustrated. Fix yourself up before its too late. Thank you


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