I Am Heartbroken After Reading A Facebook Post By Roy Clintson, One Of My Favorite Social Media Influencers Formally Based In Port Harcourt On His Reason For Leaving The City He’s Been Tagged To Have Disturbed Positively.

As Normal As His Actions May Appear, It Proves The Fact That The Port Harcourt Entertainment Sector In Rivers State Is Not Financially Encouraging For Most Creatives Who Put In Their Best For The Betterment Of Our Entertainment Circle.
From Comedians, To Artistes, Graphics Designers, Down To We The New / Old Media Professionals, It’s Been Hustle Without Glory For Many Us, Not Because We Are Not Creative Enough, But Because We Don’t See Reasons To Pay Each Other For Services We’ve Tagged As “Helping The Industry” (Love Showing).
Quoting From My Very Good Friend Roy,

“To be honestly and Realistically sincere; “Free work”, “Team work”, “Baba Help meGrow”, “Commissioner send me your logo”, “Baba support your boy”, “Bros, nothing dey oh, but I need you on this one”, “Make we grow together”, “Show your boy love”, “Carry me Along” and all of them don tire me!!!

It Has Become A Norm In Our Growing Industry And This Practice Have Made Us Produce More Un-professionals Than Professional In Every Sector In Our Entertainment Industry. We’ve Become too Comfortable Begging For Services Rather Than Paying For Services Rendered.
How Can We Grow, When We Are Not Paying?  A question I have asked countless numbers of time, with no answer from person’s who it may concern. The same People Who After Getting their needed support, vanish from the industry, and will only return when they need another support lol!
For Me, I Have Turned Down Offers To Work In Teams, Offers For Support, Offers To Publicize, Offers To Receive Free Event Tickets, ETC. I Turned Down This Offers Because I Saw No Benefit For Me After Rendering My Service As A Media Head.
Mind You, I Started My Career 10 Years Ago As An Ordinary Facebook Boy You Had Something To Share With Friends, Today I Am A Graduate In Journalism And Media Studies, A Respected Online Media Professional And Media Consultant. 
Note: No Be Free Services Bring Me To This Level Oh!  I Got Here Because Professional Saw Value In What I Was Doing And Paid For My Services No-Mater How Small The Pay Was.
Today I Can Boldly Mention Figures As Service Charge Because I Have Outgrown  The “Data Bundle Charges” Most Influencers Will Happily Accept In The Name Of Showing Love And Helping The Entertainment Industry.
As An Influencer, Blogger, Journalist, Publisher And Content Creator, I Have Huge Bills To Pay. From Family, To Lifestyle, I Need To Upgrade My Game As A Media Mogul, All This are Are Huge Burdens That Requires Cash. I Can’t Be Famous And Broke,  That’s I Choose Not To Work For Free.
So Stop Offering Me Publicity On Your Freely Printed Backdrops And Start Paying For My Publicity Services. I Am Young Endy, AKA Mr Controversial (Organ Media). DM Me If You Need My Service.
Below Is Roy Clintson Facebook Post: 👇

Ok, I know a lot of you are eager to hear/read 99 reasons why The Commissioner for Disturbance who took it upon himself to Disturb PHcity (positively) had to leave the same Port Harcourt he claimed to love. Right? 

Well, here is the thing; I never left, I also didn’t plan leaving anytime soon, but then, the hustle is real. 

The truth is, we grow up everyday (whether in age or in real growth – be it negative or positive). I’ve grown to understand some certain things that I would love to share (shallowly) 

1. I am not a Port Harcourt/Rivers Boy, because I was born or raised in Port Harcourt/Rivers State. I am a Port Harcourt/Rivers Boy because Port Harcourt/Rivers lives inside of me. 

2.  The idea was never to remain in Port Harcourt. The idea was to grow in Port Harcourt (Made in PH) and explore the beyond/yonder. Well, true, I have not really grown, but then, to some extent, I think I can build on the  foundation I have been able to lay. 

3. I came for the Entertainers, but it seem my kind of brand is yet to be understood. It could be that I wasn’t clear enough or the people need more conviction, so I needed to take some time off and restructure. 

4. Port Harcourt was become too noisy that it is beginning to affect productivity. The city (land) itself has been polluted with too many activities (from Religious organisations to marketers and ranters). 

Coming back to the online world, the Entertainers here talk like tomorrow is rapture. I needed some time to cool off (like Burna Boy’s BET absence) 

5. Finally, I didn’t leave Port Harcourt. I only left my comfort zone to go “Hustle” and make some “real cash” from People who understand “how to appreciate and compensate value and services rendered” 

THE REAL GIST: I left to go look for money! To be honestly and Realistically sincere; “Free work”, “Team work”, “Baba Help meGrow”, “Commissioner send me your logo”, “Baba support your boy”, “Bros, nothing dey oh, but I need you on this one”, “Make we grow together”, “Show your boy love”, “Carry me Along” and all of them don tire me!!! 

Wetin happen sef?
My people, 

I offer free services so tey, I come dey popular, but deep within me I dey die of hunger. Now, offering th free services was never an issue to me, but then, the people whom these services are being rendered kind of feel it’s their right. 

I was recently blocked (on all social media platforms) by an Award Organizer. Why? Because I kind of withdrew my support for his brand (whose methods are against my personality). This is the same fellow that I had to go all out to support his brand and make sure his Award show took place – when everyone was laughing at him for starting  what he couldn’t finish. Truth is, I had the intention of still supporting him, but I wasn’t chanced. 

The above is just one picture, I have encountered several of them. Abi na the ones wey you go do the job finish, to pay you go come become problem? 

So, I decided to leave both the city and the Entertainment industry to a different City and Industry. So far, God has been faithful!
To my friends our there and here, wey dey carry PH Entertainers matter for head, see, make una wise up oh. Some of them will tell you “You are the best! If I have money today, I will hire you to do this and that. In fact, you are the face of this brand, without you I don’t know what I would have done..”
Guy/oh Babe, wise up oh. na dem! 

Just take a week break and see what will happen. Do you really believe that your absence will cause any harm to the brand? Same persons that were singing your praises will get somebody else sharp sharp. 

The thing is, they will use you, reuse you, abuse you and then, abandon you (when dem don see you finish) and go hire someone else. When you talk, dem go brand you as “family member”. yes na.. dem go talk sey you be family member, make we leave this one for outsiders to benefit. 


I just wish, this was a video clip, I would have emptied so much so you guys can know the kind of people you are dealing with. Port Harcourt is full of vampires! Vampires waiting to suck you dry – with praises, while getting their raises. 

The Small guys wants you for free… The Big guys also wants you for free… Wetin happen? 

So, my dear Mr & Mrs. Supporter, I write this last note to you; “No go do pass yourself. Use your head. Ignore this cry of dem no dey pay us for shows and all that. You no send anybody work. If dem need you, make dem pay you. Otherwise, one day, mama and papa go tire for you – when dem dey see sey you always dey busy, but then, nothing dey come out from your pocket” 

IN CONCLUSION: “If your current state cannot change you, change you state” – OPM
# TheCommissioner


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