Our Port Harcourt Based Creatives Are Not Legally Informed On Copyright Issues _ My Take On Dstammerer Comedian VS Warribros Jokes Stealing Saga

I Will Not Say It Is Right To Steal Another Person’s Creative Idea, But I Will Also Advise That As Creatives, We Must Learn To Protect Our Creative Ideas Irrespective Of How Much It Will Cost Us.

Earlier Blog Publications Calling Our One Of Port Harcourt Based Comedians Warribros For Allegedly “Stealing” Jokes From An Upcoming Comedian Caught My Attention, And I Will Wish To Inform Creatives That I See No Case Of Intellectual Theft Established Anywhere.

According To Dstammerer Comedian, He Said Warri Bros saw him perform His MATERIALS for the first time at Laffwell event with Ambassador Induz which he (Warri Bros) congratulated him and without knowing his intentions told him (DeStammerer) that he was good. But Was Surprised Warribros got an oviation with His jokes at a big platform #DestalkerLaughterCrusade.

Even though Dstammerer In His facebook post stated that “It has been my trade mark jokes for those who have seen me perform”, I Will To Also Inform Him That His Jokes I doubt Are Legally Trade Marked To Avoid Unauthorized Usage.

As Creatives, You Must Know That: 👇

Intellectual theft according to the internet definition is the stealing or using without permission someone else’s intellectual property. … This type of property includes ideas and property protected by trade secret laws, trademarks, patents, or copyrights.

The last statement from the above definition states clearly, that this ideas must be protected legally before a case of theft can be established.

So as far as I’m concerned anyone can use your stuff or idea once it’s not well protected. Note that those jokes where verbally said in public, and if he (Dstammerer) has published videos of him performing this jokes on mass media platforms, then a case can be established, but I’m not sure can be won in court.

We Must Understand The Legal Aspect Of The Business We Find Ourselves “Show Business ”.


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