Nigerian Couple Recreates Secondary School Memories In Pre-Wedding Photos

If there is anything you can’t take away from this couple, its the fact that there are good-looking, young and fond of each other.
Ifeanyi Nwakaudu will be walking down the aisle with his sweetheart Sandra Onyeso in a couple of weeks and they have decided to share their pre-wedding pictures with us.
The couple after a debate on some concepts of photography decided to recreate their high school pictures in which they treated assignments together.
This is reminiscent of what was obtainable while we were growing up in which a brilliant boy knowledgeable in Mathematics could win the hearts of the finest girl in the class.
They also switched to a more corporate and mature concept of pictures at the later stage of the shoot to reflect their present realities. Sandra Onyeso couldn’t stop laughing throughout the photoshoot as seen in the pictures.


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  • Awwn. Nice nostalgic moment. Happy married life.

    • Thanks

  • This is nice. Happy married life to them

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