“Its Better You Are Not Working And Stay Broke, Than To Be Everywhere Working And Still Broke” _ Benny Odumu Tell Port Harcourt Based Graphics Designers

Awards Winning Graphics/Brand Identity Designer Benny Odumu In A Recent Facebook Post Sent A Strong Message To Port Harcourt Graphics Designers After A Client Rumoured To Be An OAP At Naija FM Inboxed Him For A Job At A Fee He Felt Was An Insult To His Personality.
Publishing Screenshots From A Whatsapp Chat, Benny Odumu How Much Is 10 Or 5 Thousand Naira, That I Port Harcourt Stakeholder Cannot Pay For A Professional Service.
Read His Post Below:

Dear Graphic Designers
I will be taking this down soon, NOW see why many of us can’t grow because those who called themselves stakeholders and big shots are always doing to YOU, don’t be afraid to answer names, place your price.
Understand the value of your time and thoughts, learn to understand and respect yourself, in this same city where many don’t value or respect your profession, there are still people who are paying others to grow better.
Learn to avoid those career killers and praises, for the sake of peace i choose not to expose the names involved in this, dear graphics design respect yourself, without you they can’t put anything outside, you are the first point people think before they can be seen and perceive, think of the time you put into designing.
People pay me 50k, 30k, 25k, 150k, 100k, 80k, 300k, 250k, 1,000,000 for design in this same city you are thinking if you don’t say NO, you won’t get other jobs, please understand this, learn to start the way you wish to continue.
I know many depressed designers, and i put it to you, its your fault, do one free and they recommend you to their friends that you are a nice guy, you will do it for free and you are the best, THE BEST BROKE ASS DESIGNER?
“To whom brain is giving, sense is expected”
Be in the Business of Graphics Design and eat like a designer, travel like a designer, pay bills like a designer, flex like a designer, borrow to nations.
Master the business, take small thing for everything. Sometimes if you can’t charge them just take them to Eden let them buy you food twice for the day.
Its better you are not working and stay broke, than to be everywhere working and still broke, even be telling this sometimes i stay broke for months with respect to my career.


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