E-hailing Taxi Services In Port Harcourt: Why Alpha1 Rides Is A Great Choice

In recent times, Port Harcourt City have been experiencing rapid growth in all sectors of her economy and social life. The city also known as the oil capital of Nigeria, is fast turning into a tech city.
With a population of over 4 million people, Port Harcourt is a city with a high concentration of industrious youths.
But over the years, Port Harcourt has been faced with transportation problems. Though with the beautiful and exciting life in the city, one can’t help but see the unsatisfactory look on the faces of commuters at the end of a trip, after the stress at the office, school or market, hustling for blue and white taxis or buses, then the hassles through the journey in a rickety taxi with all the discomfort.
The city needed better in the transportation sector, something really nicer than what she already has, something more comforting.
It was in recognition of the urgent need to provide the people of Port Harcourt a reliable, safe and affordable e-hailing taxi services that Alpha1 Rides launched in the city in August, 2018. Previously launched in Lagos in September, 2017.
Having had a first hand experience with Alpha1 Rides in Port Harcourt since their launch, below are the reasons why they are a great choice for e-hailing taxi services in Port Harcourt:

1. Their service is very affordable: A journey that would ordinarily cost ₦2,500 when riding with a regular cab guy, same distance would cost between ₦850 – ₦1,300 if you ride with Alpha1 Rides. Really, their service is pocket friendly.
2. Their drivers are professionals and courteous: Their drivers are well trained and efficient in Google Maps and can easily find their way to your destination. They are very polite and treat their customers like royalties.
3. It is safe: Customers’ safety is a priority to them.
4. No surge charge: Unlike the alternatives where a customer is surprised with an unexpected fare hike, there is no surge charge with Alpha1 Rides.
5. Easy to search for destination: Once you install the app, register and booking a trip, all you need to do is input your destination in the search bar and it will pop up instantly.
6. It is comfortable: Their cars are clean and functioning air-condition.
7. The App is easy to use: The App was well designed to give you a great user experience, it is very easy to use.
8. They are always prompt: Their ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) is 15 minutes, one of the best in the world of e-hailing taxi service. Their ambition is 5 minutes ETA and they are working hard to achieve this for the people of Port Harcourt.
9. They are available 24/7: You can order your taxi from their app anytime of the day in Port Harcourt.
10. Inter-City Taxi: They also give commuters the choice to use their great service from city to city. You can Book a taxi with Alpha1 Rides from Port Harcourt to Owerri, Yenagoa, Uyo, Umuahia etc.
A look through social media, below are some of the reviews about Alpha1 Rides we found.



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