"Depression" _ A Creative Photo Story Shot By A Nigerian Photographer

Browsing through the internet yesterday, i saw these creative photos on Facebook with i little poem writen to help explain the photos; read and share.

I died today…
There is no life where there is death
My fingers scribbled my final words

‘dear life, I killed myself today’
There are no words to fit my sadness
There is no verbal energy left in my bones
Tell Mama
The failure she gave birth to
Hangs loosely on his ropes of shame
Tell her,
He died like the fool he is
Tell Timi
That her lover, the rejected fool
Took her advice
Tell her that my failure drowned me
Tell her, I died today.
Where my sadness takes me I do not know
But remember that I am a broken man
Incapable of strength to live one more day
Where there is death, there is no life
Shoot by Geetee Shot it
Depressed man Kelvin Mark
Write up by Ukpevie Grace
Another one of my project title depression
Please help me share for it to go viral


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