Maxi Reveal How Record Label Owner Left Him Stranded In Lagos Months After She Signed Him Into Virgin Records

Following Recent social media post from Music/Artiste promoter Soso Soberekon about Port Harcourt artistes not worth investing on, Port Harcourt Groomed artiste and “Chocomilo” hit maker Maxi, after several social media call-out from Bukwild have revealed what really went wrong in his record deal with the owner of Port Harcourt Entertainment Village Mrs. Phina Owobu-Akhimien.
Maxi in a private chat with Young Endy this morning, confirmed that their was no proper contract termination between him and the CEO of Virgin records and no investment was made into promoting him music as their contract stated except for a low budget viral video shoot that could not be published because the quality was below standard and not marketable.
He disclosed that he was kicked out of his supposed apartment from the record label in Lagos and car taken from him after the record label owner claimed her husband was coming to Lagos and would be using the apartment. “How Come she was running a record label and signed are artiste without the consent of her husband” he asked, stating that no alternative arrangements was made for him with regards to his accommodation issues too.
Maxi got signed into Virgin Records in 2016 with reports stating that he was entitled to a car and an apartment from the record label, but 5 months after his signing no promotions and was done for the artiste after recording and mixing new songs, neither where any of his demands met till he decided to move on with his music career.
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So many where those who felt Maxi, was carried away with fame, unknown to us that Maxi choose to remain silent on the issue and later got signed into E-One records who could not also meet up to the demands of the Artistes he signed alongside Maxi.
“The CEO of Virgin Records after due consultations with top entertainers, was asked to budget about 15 to 20 million Naira for my promotion, But I believed the money got her scared and she decided to back off” Maxi said, Stating that till this date, his personal belongings are still with the CEO after she ticklishly way billed his belongings back to Port Harcourt without his notice.
However, Maxi have moved on with his career, but is heart broken that Port Harcourt Artistes are labeled proud because they have refused to be enslaved by record label owners.
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