"It Took Us 3 Days To Make This Massive Burger" _ The CEO Of Big Kitchen Burger Reveal

The CEO Of Big Kitchen NG, Mr. Tekena T Roberts In A Recent Social Media Post Have Revealed That It Took His Company 3 Days To Make The Massive Burger Use At His Wedding Over The Weekend. The Wedding which had friends, customers, family and fans in attendance had the opportunity to eat from the massive burger which is not the “Worlds Biggest Burger” But Its Definitely The Biggest Burger Built From Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Below Is The Social Media Post Explaining The Challenges The Went Through In Creating This Massive Burger:

It took us 3 days to make this massive Burger. We constructed a special oven and grill for the bread and pattie production. We made the bottom bread 4 times before we succeeded in getting it right, rigging it was another problem, how do you lift such a bun from place to place (We had to do some local construction)

Finally we wasted a whole bag of flour on failed trials before getting it… All join for the fun. Making the pattie was another challenge, at this point my team was already giving up on making the so called biggest burger, One was like “Oga you sure say this tin go work?
We pushed and as usual we achieved it, because that’s what happens when you push relentlessly. So in place of a wedding cake, we had a wedding Burger. So Here we are with the biggest burger you have ever seen in your life, right here in Port Harcourt city, Southern Nigeria.
Let’s keep pushing the city
Let’s project Port Harcourt to the World.
Thank you.

Congratulations Big Kitchen


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