Idris Elba Lends Voice To A Mental Health Song Created For COVID-19 Relief

‘Kings’, The Debut Single From Musician Kosine, Encourages Fellow Men To Openly Embrace Their Emotions, And Is Promoted By The ‘Thor’ Star As A Track That ‘Looks At Mental Enrichment.’

Actor-turned-musician Idris Elba is lending his voice to an uplifting new tune about mental health among black men.

The “Thor” star performs a powerful spoken word piece on “Kings”, the debut single from musician Kosine, a songwriter and producer with Da Internz, known for his work with artists like RihannaBig Sean and Nicki Minaj.
Promoting the single on Instagram upon its release on Friday, May 08, Elba wrote, “This song looks at mental health, mental enrichment. We should stay away from conspiracies as they are a collision of fear and ignorance, two factors that erode our mental health.”

On the track, Kosine encourages his fellow man to openly embrace their emotions, as Elba addresses the importance of recognising one another as “kings.”
“Never is a time so precious/ Ever been so pressured and prevalent/Where kingship is more relevant…,” he says on the song.
“My dad’s name is one of my son’s names/ And two kings share my soul/ Two hearts beating one blood and one throne/ If you’re a king then you know/ You are a king, you should know.”
Kosine reveals the song was created during the coronavirus lockdown, which helped him take a deeper look at humanity.
In a statement, he writes, “COVID-19 has made me take a complete step back in life and just tap into overall humanity. There’s a pandemic going on outside and we need to be there for each other in ways that we’ve never been before.”
“It’s a very selfless and reflective season for us to see what God is trying to tell us right now. I’m praying for all of those on the frontline who are living testimonies of true bravery.”
To show his appreciation, a portion of proceeds from the song will be donated to the MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund.
“As a musician, I’m doing my part to provide audio healing and to keep the mental health of the masses top of mind,” he adds.
“In times like these we find out together who we are and who we aren’t. I want all of my brothers to know that they are KINGS contrary to the false narrative of traditional mass media. It is my hope that the princes of today grow in this knowledge and lead us into a future honoring the sacrifices of their ancestors.”


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