Port Harcourt Afro-Hip-hop Reloaded _ See Five Rappers, With Sweet, Tasty Unconventional Stream Of Flows: The Tune Crippler, The High Lyrical Purchaser, Street Daddies, & God Of The South

Inherently, the Port-harcourt music genre is fused with diverse crafts, many unique blends, acts working non-stop, rising immense success birthed from the life and style of the southern people…

Portharcourt music industry, is like a full grown mature, bloom fig tree, with many branches, which holds and bears the most beautiful, enticing, and very tasty, remarkable fruits.
Actually, the Portharcourt music industry serves the best entertainment dish, in the south south horizon, inside the Nigerian music industry.
This industry is the “heart” of the most prestigious Niger Delta Entertainment anatomy, despite it’s other successful collectives, with parties railing through, beneath same umbrella, walking together on close track. The Nucleus of the Nigeria music industry, holds major generals, who’s birth is traced from the oil rich city of the treasure base of the nation, likes of; Timaya, Duncan Mighty, Burna Boy, etc.
Inherently, the Port harcourt music genre is fused with diverse crafts, many unique blends, acts working non-stop, rising immense success birthed from the life and style of the southern people of Nigeria; then unrolling systematic steps with consistent ready, steady approach mainstreaming their unique art of creativity with unending sweet stripes. This Treasures lie all over the city… of course it’s my city, the place of my mid-childhood upbringing. While growing up in a music loving community, certain periods came, after listening to other genre from diverse acts and from various locations, I began drawing nearer, clinging with love for the unique blend of Portharcourt vibe, its genuity, sincerity and originality of purpose. I experienced a whole new beauty, fashioned with enough perfection, coated with gilts, “Often then, I go with my small Nokia C-01 Phone, and very elongated, white ear piece, which I inserted steady to my both ears…And, the groove begins..”
I received an eclectic greet, which is keen not just on a particular genre, but huge explore to many style. Hip-hop music, happens to be one such genre I loved and wholly embraced with open arms, although our acts greatly implemented newly, and introduced a very genuine, classy style, which is fully packed with sweet spices and flavors (Afrohiphop) which crossed together in delivering a very great smooth taste goodness, while still flexible. Many of this acts also cruised other genres smoothly, with full pack of perfection.
On this case study, I’m gliding towards acts who graced hop-tunes consistently and over the years, magnified the beauty, with very heavy distinction; Alternating Rap, Hardcore-rap, and Rap freestyles, etc. Acts that showed forth their inborn talents, and murderous delivery of sonic excellence. Onward, I began to note several bits, many flared red heat which burned excess flames, and they kept a very brutal combustion in every delivery. They jumped on sounds, which flared up unending and then, they showcased their lovely art in the light of violent flames, without fear of getting any hurt, at all. “Actually, most of these local south south rappers inspired me a lot to grace a rap career, and am sure did some of yo too, back in the days; Mtrill, Ijaw Boys, Da Ibs, Lyrikal, Errigga, Yung6ix, Suspekt, etc. They pronounced, till date, dogged, high class definition of rap, involving streeting up, which exhibit the south-south gangsterism.. Lovely direction, they swayed”
Recent times, rappers of Portharcourt are very notable, and they drive an art with great consciousness, yet cautious enough to leave a listener edified with a deep understanding of our environ. Permit me to mention, the tune crippler; Knowledge, the high lyrical purchaser; Dr. Barz, the lyrical gods own; Timi kei, the street daddies; Dandizzy & Eddie Roll, and lyrical south god: Young Stunna.
Take note, I didn’t say, other acts weren’t or still doing amazing, of course, they wheel great lyrical reels, and they lack no kind of excellence stripes in every form of artistic delivery, mode of positioning perfect lyric construct. Secondly, note, I’m not comparing any act with another on the program. So, enjoy!
1. Knowledge;

The tune crippler, one side of the Legendary Ajebohustlers: Knowledge and Piego. The tune crippler, Knowledge, owns critical destructive ability on tunes, his lyrical down pour on sounds, is very heavy massacre. He climbs on a tune with enough flexibility in him, and makes the listener relate to his lyrics, which unravels his deep full inner expressions.
Sometimes, his lyrics comes naked, and carries the Portharcourt street lingua, served hot, and still tasting beautiful. Knowledge, always gets your desires in his flows. Notwithstanding, his ability to jump on many genre makes him really unique. Because, he climbs on them with enough ease and rap grace, and I find this very interesting, making one love his art, which owns a very special spot generally in the midst of rap stars, on the spotlight of Nigeria music Industry.
“I believe, Portharcourt, south south rappers, and acts, deserve that special spot to grease their perfect art, with cementation to cast upon its bumpy surface; a thick filling to configure the spot, smooth sailing, right on the track of Nigeria music industry. Take heed, Knowledge is power…which is why we are coming up with the “SOUTH-SOUTH, PORTHARCOURT AFRO HIPHOP RELOADED.”
2. Dr. Barz;

The high lyrical purchaser, um.. when you hear such title, what comes your mind?
“Please, look clearly, and listen closely” This plane belongs to the true, one and only Creativity god – Dr. Barz, who goes out of the comfort of his zone, I mean out of regular cavement, to a place, I called the ‘land of creatives’, a place full of abundant creativity and deep insight. You know what he does in that land;
“The creative god, has a special way of tapping endless creativity from the land, where he makes direct connection with the Divine, for his incredible insight and creativity, including prophecy…. how I know? Yeah, I remember having a very brief interview section with him, few months ago. And I see, his flows has a thing to do with spirits, of light”
Dr. Barz, has every single quality of a rap star, a fine, strong rapper who releases pale looking, and very sickening flows, but yet wild. Now ‘a’ Days, he rides far away releasing splashes of gigantic beauty, which comes through; expressing poetry, he then creates his art with diverse figures of speech, which then, he lays a perfect ‘cementation’ a construct which inclines to gracious, and very sweet lyrical expression. Barz, releases flows with prophetic utterance as well, don’t get it twisted and please stay very close to the illustration I’d glide pass already, above, talking about the connection of Barz’s flows and lyrics to the spirits, of light. Call him, the Creative god.
3. Dandizzy;

The lyrical street don dada, Dandizzy, is a monstrous player who serves one of the best south south, Portharcourt-street up lyrics in his art. “any nyor nyor, a street flow he goes with, in recent, last year track, listen below..” He’s a freestyle god, there’s no two way about the fact, because the way he approaches and flexes lit on tunes makes me wonder, in amazement, and thinking;
“what kind of human could this young man be, any beat he graces, he murders? Whoa!”
I mean, because of the rate at which he flows with “full-green-bar” confidence, made me graced a freestyle career, yes offcourse I’d, I turned a rapper, but it went unsuccessful. Actually, that was my last bus-stop after high school, before I found my true desire, yeah, I’m writing, this way.
Back to Wavezaddy, the act, who fingers tunes from every damn, corner. Note, any beat pickles he prepares, ends very tasty and addicting. Your just left to cling to his spicy directives, well, I see, the street mantle upon his art, which he fashions uniquely from every entire act in the music industry. Dandizzy, is bright and intelligent, such a lovely artist he is, one of a kind. And the god of freestyle, take note.
4. Eddie Roll;

Another critical, a father of this very, street lyrics (daddy), Eddie Roll, fashions artfully, and leaves his art upon plain transparency showing off street gangsterism, as well, exhibiting diverse traits of Portharcourt street lifestyle. He configures his art, lashing out many experiences in the hood, and holding unto an ample relation of south south thug life, a way of him expressing niggas, crime, corps, women, sex and drugs; over here in the south, and Portharcourt per say.
Eddie Roll, Abobi Jammaker, raps with an extraordinary flexibility, although, he’s full time street hopstar who glows bright, expressing various street life in his music. This guy is the leader of the “wolf pack” leader of full time Portharcourt street music, his energy is indeed irreplaceable for fans, all over the streets of Portharcourt city. And the way he generates a force on his tunes, ends it in a very critical, and contagious state. Eddie Roll’s purely street music always ends up turning to an anthem all over the streets of Portharcourt; Rumuokoro, Diobu Mile 1-4, Rumuigbo, Choba, Iwofe, Rumuokurushi, Bundu, Borokiri, Okrika, etc. In his tunes, he goes very real, wild and rains drastic flows in between a track, and then finally, it goes very beautiful, holds deep insight and one, fans can relate. Eddie Roll, king of Portharcourt street music
5. Young Stunna;

The lyrical south god, Young Stunna, is pure force, a very deep well to draw unconventional creativity, which comes wholly different, very unique and, astounding format.
I consider him, an abstractive force, his just so different, with stripes he carries in his art, very lovely, and plain excellence plane figures. Young Stunna, also couples his flows on very high lyrical intelligence, with his clever wordplay exercises, a total construction which leans on great-ful figures of speech, and ends up in his perfect beauty.
Young Stunna, is creative and very genuine in his artistic composure, that’s the ability of god’s, creativity and genuinely. Sometimes he bleeds with street up lyrics, other times he surfs loving and expresses how he flexes hot. All his formation, he couples in Hiphop, sometimes he goes totally, and abruptly expressive, and that’s when I love him more. The cool cat Stunna, is very very gifted and talented, he ends up posing something different and very unique. Note, “don’t ever think, I, Unusual, is blinded by the love I’ve got for Stunna, this is what it is”– The gods of the South.
To Be Continued..
Brief Note: South south, Port-harcourt music, is blooming sweet, and very glorious, with so many art full of refined treats to keep one relaxed, and lean unto the edge of fine glits. So many acts; thriving, creating many ripples in the southern scene, ready to handle limelight and delving into many genre, beautifying the art generally, and coating them extravagant, with addictive measure of joyful sweetness from the southern creeks.
Well, upon this piece, I’m mentioning few acts who’re turning to generic phenom in the industry with diverse styling, of hopping. Take note of this five, and more rappers, we will be Unveiling, listed here!
Currently, there’re so many beautiful rap stars, up and coming, many hot breeds, exuding electrifying performances, here in the southern industry, many more; Timi Kei, Twest, Illgod, Arlene Alsina, Saint Mercy, Murell, Paul Jimmz, Speccta, Venom Szn, Telexy, Prinz Ahami, Cza Caztro, Mickey Tana, etc. WATCHOUT…U ARENT SEEN NOTHING YET!
Content Creator: Agwuma Kingsley
Editor: Pius Kiebel


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