The Story Of An Undergraduate Nigerian Boy And His Quest To Re-brand Him Mothers Roadside Akara Business

Over the weekend, my friends and I #VodkaX1Geng attended the Akara Breakfast Hangout in Port Harcourt, just to network and eat breakfast with friends and co-entertainers based in the city Port Harcourt. After we all left home with smiles on our faces, we could not hold back our emotions after confirming the story of Prince Francis #AkaraBoy, a young level 300 undergraduate student of Akwaibom State University.
Prince is on a quest to rebrand his aged mothers Akara business of over fifteen years old, from the road side akara spot, to a classic breakfast business. According to him, his mum has been doing the business for years, and the business has seen him and his siblings through school up to their university levels.

Akara Boy as he’s now preferably called is also a Photo/Videographer and his mum’s akara business helped him acquire that skill in addition to his photo modeling job. Today, Prince is pitching an idea to better his mums business considering the health damage involved in her running the business under the Nigerian harsh weather condition.
For a non-educated mother, it is her biggest wish that her children will become graduates, and her dreams seems to have come through as she is the proud mom of a graduate son, another 300 level undergraduate son, and a daughter yet to enter the university. Under rain and sun, she kept her dreams alive for more than 15years as a street akara seller.
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According to Prince Francis,

Mama once said “I wish to get out of this fire someday and do something else, the frying fire is not good for my health, and little did she know that I have a plan to make her wish come through. I wish I had all the funds it will take me to re-brand this business. So I call on you all today, help a brother and help a mother. I can’t steal to fix, so I need your little help.

HELP THE AKARA BOY Prince Francis execute a re-branding idea for his mom’s akara business. Visit  and donate to help him achieve his aim.


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