#Bennefitsboys: A Clear Indication That The Nigerian Educational System Has Lost Its Value

Social Media (Twitter) has gone ablaze with a new trend that seems to be creating so much humor on social media, with thousands of twitter users, tweeting and re-tweeting funny tweets to make mockery of our Nigerian Educational system.
The Videos and Photos of young Nigerian youths dressed in schools uniforms and showcasing expensive cars and phones seems to have taken over the internet space. Even though this act on a second thought promotes internet fraud and illegalities in our society, it also seems like a clear indication that our Nigerian educational system has lost its value in the eyes of many during the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak.
Considering the number of students who have ventured into other means of making ends meet rather than wait for the schools re-opening in Nigeria, I can confidently tell you that hundreds of Nigerian students might not be returning to school even after the pandemic.
While many of our Nigerian students have gone into different aspects of entrepreneurship ranging from fashion designing, catering, online trading, some Nigerian youths have focused on internet fraud business as their only source of survival aside education.
How then can a Nigerian student who has made hundreds of Naira as an undergraduate from February to August 2020, confidently work back to class room knowing truly well that the probability of him getting a good job after graduation is not guaranteed?
Below Are A Few Tweets You Should See:


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