#EndSARS Is Trending On Twitter After A Police Officer Allegedly Killed A 20 Years Boy In Rivers State

With rumors of a nation wide protest slatted to hold on the 1st of October 2020, social media users could not hold back their anger on the alleged illegal and horrific killing of a 20 years old Port Harcourt based rap artiste Sleek who was shot dead by a trigger hungry police officer after SARS officers publicly chased the young man into his early grave.
In an exclusive chat with the victims sister, below is a detailed explanation on how the incident happened:

My name is IKEAGWUCHI Maureen Chijioke , and I’m texting from Woji in Obio/Akpor in Rivers State. At around noon yesterday the 19th of September 2020, I got a distress call that there was an arrest and a shoot but never knew it was brutal. I started calling my kid brothers phone this men saw the calls and never bothered to pick and also my mom kept on calling and the refuse to pick up and tell us what is wrong with my brother if they can not afford hospital bill so that I can take care of him my self ..
I was so restless that I had to go to the police station my self .before I went to the station my dad called me and told me that they denied that they did not see any boy that was shot or arrested ,they then asked my dad to go to miniokoro police station…as my dad was on his way the mother of my brothers friend called him and confirmed that my brother was shot but he is not in the station with her son …so on me hearing this I went my self, before I could reach my father was there already, the I saw him crying and begging them to let him in so as to see the DPO or his son ..instead the DPO ordered his men not to let my father in . So I forced my self in ,so I started asking the men were my brother is and they were still denying that they font know what in saying fortunately for me I saw the DPO and his men bring out his friend guarding him like his a hardened criminal…
I had to confront him and asked Rueben were is your friend, were is my brother..then he told me that he was shot ,I went ahead asking him ,were is he now I can still see him with you then he said aunty he is dead …jesus I cant believe..still the police men and DPO dont want to tell me anything ..i had to confront the DPO ,then I asked him where did keep my brothers body ,this man rudely and heartlessly told to go to UPTH mortuary that there they dumped my brother …
I still didn’t want to believe . So I went to the afro mentioned hospital and asked the doctors I saw at emergency ward and he said that the DPO broth in a buy and he said that his name is DANIEAL ANAMBRA AND THAT HE IS 30 YEARS OLD AND ALSO THAT HE DIED IN ACCIDENT..WHICH ARE ALL LIES . Then I went to the morgue and my dad showed them his picture and they confirmed it was him …so letter that day his friend was released and this was his account- incident occurred around 12pm yesterday right in front of THE TOPIC SUPERMARKET at Exelcis Junction along Elelenwo road Port Harcourt.
Himself and a friend of his were coming out from his street to meet with a Bolt ride that was supposed to convey another friend of theirs to their location there at above mentioned location in Elelenwo, when they spotted some SARS operatives and knowing how these SARS men (“kidnap” young people without traces )and they started chasing them and was calling them thieves so they stop and started explaining themselves that they are not thieves that they should check their phones and all , started to explain to the people that they weren’t thieves and that his house is on that street.
At this point the situation seemed to have been under control, until a MOBILE POLICE MAN who’s attached to THE TOPIC SUPERMARKET walked across the road and shot my brother in the back, and he further shot at his friend but had missed. By then the SARS operatives had gotten to them, now my brother was bleeding out and was obviously struggling with his life, these men didn’t try to help my brother by taking him to a hospital, instead they used their guns to beat the friend even as he kept pleading with them to rush his “brother” to the hospital first.
They put my brother who was still alive at the time in a commercial tricycle (Keke napep) and we’re driving around until he bled out and died. And then they took his body and deposited at the morgue at The University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital, and and left him with the tag “Daniel Anambra” and tagged him a 30year old man. The attendant there at the morgue specifically told me dad and sister that the body was brought there by the DPO of the Elelenwo police division.
The SARS operatives are from Elelenwo police division. Remember we were denied access to my brother’s body at the morgue there at the UPTH, they have his iPhone, his music box, his Ray Ban sunshades, his wrist watch. Though they have released the friend, they still have his cell phone and wrist watch. We want justice….WE NEED JUSTICE

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