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It is pretty much hard to come by an article about leadership and not bore the readers with which you are communicating with, without flirting with the age-long part of the traditional ‘entry behavior’ of what leadership means as a concept.
As a matter of fact, the foundation of the concept of leadership is influence; leadership is all about influencing people within a circle, a community, a local government, a church, a state, a country, or any small group that an individual is in charge.
Again, another important and cogent fact about leadership is that; leadership is solution-oriented. That is to say, anyone that assumes a leadership role in whatever capacity is it political, organizational, religious, traditional, etc is there to solve problems.
A lot of the time when I found myself in the middle of a discourse about the deterioration of our country Nigeria and it’s value system, critics are very quick to allude that ‘our numerous problem as a country is solely due to a bad or failed system’. Well, I don’t entirely agree because if we have individuals with sound minds, character, and integrity put in charge of those systems as leaders the reality could have been different for some of us.
Political leadership which is the fundamental part of this dissertation is not also different from the broad core of leadership which is about solving problems. Hence, it is a significant skill set of anyone aspiring to lead politically to be motivated that He or she is coming to solve the problems of infrastructure, transportation, education, empowerment, employment, economy, security, to mention but a few.
Now, the question is; with all these problems within your purview as a leader, are you tough (equipped) enough to steer the ship of the community, church, organization, agency, legislature, government, etc in order to leave behind a good legacy when you are no more in office?
Let’s go down memory lane to the last local government election in Rivers State but Abua-Odual to be specific.
During the build-up to the primary election that would produce the candidate that will fly the flag of the People’s Democratic Party(PDP) in Abua-Odual, the political personae that notably indicated an interest in no particular order were Hon Ayara Margaret, Hon Oyekuotor Ukwe, Hon E.O Daniel and Hon Brown Edoghotu Omekwe, etc.
For the purposes of this article, I would confine myself to the Hon E.O Daniel and Hon Brown Edoghotu Omekwe experiences. Now, at an event to formally intimate his kinsmen at Ogbema community: Hon Daniel was seen on a video that surfaced on social media telling his host that; let me quote him but not exactly ‘we are not here to campaign on an election we’ve won already, I have come to tell you our fathers that I am in the race and the Governor has promised me the chairman position in Abua-Odual’.
While Hon Brown, on the other hand, was quoted as saying, ‘ the reason why I’ve come out to contest this election for the position of the LGA chairman is because of the suffering of my people (Abua-Odual), personally, as an independent man I am comfortable with what God has done in my life, but the humiliation of where we are as a people motivated me to stand for this election ‘
From the two statements allegedly made by these two individuals, one would say whereas one is motivated by the zeal to proffer solution to the problems of the people at the grassroots, the other is moved by the promise of favour by a higher political persona.
Let’s assume without conceding that the system is the problem bedeviling us as a people, how many people are coaching, and equipping youths who are ‘the leaders of tomorrow’ with the right leadership skill set, character, and integrity to be part of this same system so that when the time is right they can solve the aged long problems of our people and the country at large?
Hon Brown or any other person that aspired for that enviable position at the grassroots government could have done better in solving the problems political leadership brings than the mediocre, and high-level ineptitude that is being celebrated in Abua-Odual presently under Hon E.O Daniel at the hem of affairs.
No wonder Max Marathoneene said that ‘the trouble with sycophants is that, they don’t know where to put their tongues’
Looking at what is happening in other LGAs who do not pride themselves on the amount of resources available in Abua-Odual, a true democrat would’ve for anything better than the administrative malady being celebrated. For me, i am not astounded by the chairman’s degree of mediocrity that would go down the annals of yore.


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