Graphics Designer Benny Odumu Recounts Street Memories At Abonnema Wharf With His Birthday Photos

Growing Up In A Community Like Abonnema Wharf in the 90’s where all options are open for you to choose despite the heat from many unprecedented Activities, Grace kept us different and enable us scale through all huddles.

You can not take away our experience, especially things that has to do with life and death back to back and you don’t know how you manage to survive and breakout with limited information about life.

Selling fuel on this street, moulding block, going to waterside to offload boat from travellers, engaging in brick laying, fetching firewood, selling water in can, making sure all my hustle back then is still legit.

Thank GOD for a focus mind, in the face of hunger and forces from your fellow youth and their GOD FATHERS, my life and Experience from the community has shapen me to see life as simple and easy, fighting nobody than myself and my growing up thoughts to enable my generation not experience such, as GOD keep helping me.

One of my word to anyone who try to oppress me is “My morah give me my right” once i tell this get ready for the fight of your life, if you beat me fine, if i beat you fine, but i know my morah.

I always ask myself sometimes “Benny what if you have choosen the other way, by now you for be casted fellow, but GOD has always been there to guide and other my steps i am grateful for everyone who is sincerely helping me and my brand move forward, i know you all and owe you all sincerely.

Abonnema, originally known as Nyemoni, is a large town in the Kalabari Kingdom that was founded in 1882. Its territory was discovered by an expedition of eleven independent chieftaincy houses from the Kalabari city-state. 

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