KObaba Said Gospel Artists Are Becoming Too Risky To Invest In


Port Harcourt Based comedian and CEO of the Talkaholic Group has taken to his social media page to express disappointment in the attitude of some gospel singers towards labels/investors.

Read Statement Below:

I was moved to write this article after seeing a greedy man blow away an opportunity his son had with Eezee Global. Over 20M was invested in his son and documented proofs to that, plus monthly support to his family, elder son, etc, He still lives in a furnished apartment paid for by the label, but greed is making him open accounts in his son’s name, faking and publishing anything. Granting interviews and saying things that are untrue

I look at the number of gospel singers around my city and imagine how many other cities have men and women that are hoping to have a career as gospel artists on the mainstream, selling out albums, getting multimillion numbers in streaming and touring the world. In most cases, what stands between them and their dream is not talent, but capital. The funds to produce the best songs, develop and implement a PR and marketing plan that will create good visibility and hit songs.

If you are conversant with the ecosystem, it’s always easier when you get a label, financier or a distribution deal that can help you. For most gospel music acts, you will hardly see this happen because most investors will always shy away. Apart from Eezee Global, I can hardly mention 10 gospel centric labels chasing the big shots and aiming to see their artistes hit Platinum level.

The good news is that there are too many talented and great singers, but very few or no investors. What has happened is that most artists across secular and gospel space have scared investors and make investing in their career too risky. The signs of ungratefulness and seed of greed. The next thing you will see is about quoting scriptures and calling the music business ministry. My friend Olumati Isaiah will say; music is not a ministry,it’s a tool for ministry. Please, if you are reading this, as much as you are talented, add character. Stop making yourself too risky to invest in. Some people will find it hard to get help because you have discouraged men or labels.


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