Nigerian Army Invade Rumuekpe Community In Emohua LGA Of Rivers State Over Missing Guns


Nigerian Army invades Rumuekpe Community In Emohua LGA of Rivers State over missing guns

Reports have it that the soldiers have also allegedly burnt down two houses in the community belonging the family of a youth suspected to be involved in the missing gun incident

The incident which led to the army invasion started over the weekend at an illegal bunkering site between Rumuekpe and Ndele Community boundaries.

sources said four soldiers came and started harassing youths and collecting money as their share of the business while those who refused to comply had their products impounded and loaded into vehicle the soldiers came with.

Trouble started when one of the bunkering guy who is also an OSPAC member was ordered by the soldiers, to load the confiscated illegally-refined petroleum products into their vehicle

The OSPAC guy said he was tired of doing it alone and can’t continue and because of that the Soldiers punished by asking him to lie-down and face the sun

The news of his punishment was heard by other OSPAC members who quickly went to the place to rescue their colleague

They overpowered the soldiers who ran away leaving two Soldiers behind, who were beaten and their guns allegedly seized before they were set free without their guns.

The Soldiers reinforced and stormed the Rumuekpe community making arrests, chasing and arresting wives of suspected youths and burning houses with a view of recovering their arms.

Source: Fyneface Dumnamene


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