Woman who didn’t even know she was pregnant gives birth in plane toilet


A woman who didn’t know she was pregnant unexpectedly gave birth mid-flight.

The new mother, Tamara, was taken by surprise last week on the KLM flight when she went to the bathroom with a stomach ache and ended up giving birth.

Luckily the KLM Royal Dutch flight from Guyaquil, Ecuador, to Spain had a few medical professionals among the passengers who were able to help with the surprise birth on Wednesday, Dec 7.

When the flight stopped for a layover in Amsterdam, Tamara and her new baby were rushed off to hospital.

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The hospital spokesperson explained: “A few hours before landing in the Netherlands, her stomach hurt and she decided to go to the toilet. To her great surprise, after two contractions, she suddenly had a baby in her hands.

“Tamara had no idea she was pregnant and was quite taken aback by the event.”

Two doctors and a nurse from Austria were on the plane and were able to help with the surprise delivery, an airline spokesperson said, adding KLM “are very grateful” to the medics for stepping up.

Both the mother and baby are currently “doing well,” according to the airline.

Tamara named her new baby Maximiliano after one of the helpful passengers who stayed by her side and helped her deliver the baby safely.

The flight touched-down at Schiphol Airport at 12.55pm on Thursday, Dec. 8, and the new mother and baby Maximiliano were taken by ambulance to Spaarne Gasthuis Haarlem Zuid hospital.


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